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Grounded, Precision, Focused....
Kathy L. - -
Thank you Jesse, you delivered true meaning to the practice. To pause/align and focus....thats the strength of the practice.
LOVE my Jesse Schein
Sara C. - -
Love Jesse, all her classes are amazing. This is definitely a level 2 though, just for anyone reading the comments. I find "Lower Body Tone" a much more challenging practice in the same time frame.
Just Good!
Laura S. - -
I really wanted to hear Jesse's voice today but none of her level 2 classes appealed to me today. I am glad I read the comments because this is EXACTLY what I was looking for today. Basic postures, longer holds, deeper internal focus. It was challenging but not fast paced. I'm feeling much more solid then before I started. Thank you!
Great class for more than legs/glutes!
Lien I. - -
Really great class that focuses on the legs as - of course - the foundation of the most basic standing poses such as Warrior I and II. It's still a pretty well-rounded sequence, challenging because of longer holds. This allows you to really work your legs and take those simple poses to a next level of understanding and strength. Add some twisting and backbends, and what you get is a tremendous class. Thanks Jesse!
Nice for the Legs
Jody W. - -
I'm glad I read the other comments because I typically wouldn't have tried a level 3 and really enjoyed this class. It was not as difficult as I would expect, but instructor gave nice adaptations.
Jennifer M. - -
Great teacher --oddly I was expecting tough and found this to be pretty manageable compared to some other level 3's I've tried. Still feels good at the end!
Well Done!
Stephen B. - -
Great sequence full of challenges in proprioception, strength, body mechanics, and breath awareness. I especially appreciate the twists at the sequence end on the ground which release the Quadratus Lumborum!
Joanna B. - -
Great sequence for going deep into standing poses. Sweaty! Thank you.
Legs and Glutes
Miriam G. - -
really enjoyed this session. Jesses guidance through all the poses is specific and allows one to get the most out of every movement. Challenging, but allows for opportunities to adapt poses.. Terrific!