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Andrea L. - -
I'm so grateful for this practice. amazing
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Nicole A. - -
I just wanted to express my gratitude for this class. This is the kind of yoga that speaks to me. Thank you
The best ever
Jacqueline E. - -
Finally no unnecessary talking and great poses as well. I will be doing his classes from now on.
Just what I needed
Some times I need silence to practice without thinking what to do. Thank you for this amazing class.
Esther C. - -
Wanted a class where I could just flow without unnecessary chatter and jokes. This is an amazing class and he is a great teacher.
best class ever
Tanya S. - -
I love that you have a level II class that has less talking. I think the less talking the better. Thank you.
Energizing, calming, and restorative all in one class
Joanne D. - -
I didn't realize how distracting talking can be to my practice. Dan simply cues the next pose with a word or short phrase. This was such a pleasure. I will definitely be coming back: please please please add more and longer classes to this series!
Johna C. - -
Thank you for a class series with less talking. I could actually hear myself breath 😀
Yes please!
Kari D. - -
Amazing class! I’ve been on and off with myyogaworks online for years now because I get tired of the classes filled with nonstop instruction. This was a very pleasant find! Please add more classes to this series.
Only if you want to simplify your life.
Kimberly M. - -
Wow. One of the best mat experiences in my 19 years of practice in 30 minutes. Why? So, Dan just lifts your own spirit by simple pose words. The space for me to breathe was like opening up the doors on the first spring day after a midwest winter. The class reminded me of 'what can I simplify' in my own life? I'll be coming back to these 33 minutes when I need a reminder to keep light, unoffended by negative thoughts of others or my own, and also to go clean my closet out and get rid of things that others can use. Simply a beautiful class.
Joyful Class
Jeffrey A. - -
You can relax into your own breath. Beautiful.
real yoga!
Maria R. - -
thank you for this class- less talking makes for deeper stretches into each pose! wonderful workout!
Silence is Golden
Sarah F. - -
Actually enjoyed this much more than I thought. While I love cues and spiritual guidance in a yoga session, it's sometimes just nice to hear your own breath.
Lisa C. - -
Love this series! We could really use more classes like these. I find that there are many classes I love that I keep going back to, but I tire of the classes mainly because of all the conversation that takes place during them. It doesn’t make it very relaxing and meaningful when you want to use the class more than a few times. Please give us more like this!
Kimberly M. - -
I'm with Lisa.
Efstathia A. - -
A 90min well-rounded class like this would be great!
Yay! Awesome Class from my Favorite Instructor!!!
Penny G. - -
I haven't been on MyYogaworks for a few months. I was absolutely thrilled to log on today discover my very first Yoga teacher, Dan Ward, now has classes here. I still remember those 5am Saturday classes in Santa Monica with fondness. Dan is a wonderful instructor even when he's not saying much at all. Loved this class. It was challenging and calming at the same time. I'll definitely be doing this one again along with more Dan classes.
Aimee A. - -
Great class for first thing in the morning when all you want to do is yoga and not hear a lot of talking. thanks
Simple & Challenging
April M. - -
A very nice simplistic flow. A general knowledge of common poses and proper alignment is necessary, though can still follow along with Dan's assistant. Will be trying #s 2 & 3.
Cristina C. - -
Loved the minimalism....just what I needed today. Namaste.
Would love longer
Taz B. - -
This class is awesome any chance of longer sequences like this? Thanks Dan!
Wayne C. - - (edited)
Thanks Dan, just what I needed. The simple and calm instructions set a quiet atmosphere and allowed me to focus. I look forward to more in this series!
Just perfect
Jess G. - -
Just what I needed today! Calm, challenging, perfect!
Dan's the man!
Jennifer P. - -
Just getting back on the mat after a long time. I appreciated Dan's calm, simple directions. The poses were challenging but flowed. I will seek more classes instructed by Dan.
Thanks Dan
Julien P. - -
Excellent class, less talking is definitely missing in many of the other classes. Enjoyed this !
Great teacher
Laura B. - -
Have been enjoying Dan Ward’s classes so much. They’re just what yogaworks needed. Challenging but calming
Dream come true!
Rebecca P. - -
Level 2, 30 minutes, less talking.....Yoga Works, you got me. Thanks!
Kim R. - -
Less talking is what we need in this world! I was able to focus much better and relax into the poses
Katalin K. - -
Not being perfect in English it was much easier to follow the instructions. Thank You!
great practice
Patrizia M. - -
This is just what I was asking for. I tried this class first thing in the morning with a fairly peaceful mind and look forward to trying it t the end of a busy day, with a 'fuller' mind to see how the breathing and the 'less talking' will help to create some space. Great sequencing too
Lisa M. - -
Less talking allowed time to be with my breath and to listen to my body's wisdom, in postures and transitions. Great sequence too - So grateful, thank you!
Love this!
Patricia P. - -
Less talking allows me to really focus on my breath and my body. Great pace.
Kimberley H. - -
Absolutely loved this class. The sequence was good, the stillness and stretching perfect. Thank You!
Great class
Aoife O. - -
It's so rare to have so little talking. I LOVED it!!
Karineh M. - -
thank you!
What a difference!
Derek M. - -
It’s rare to have a class with less talking. I really enjoyed finding more stillness. The sequence was nice too. Thanks!