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Every level 2 and beyond should take a clue...
Seth B. - -
all of the teachers on this platform talk way too much, way too much all the time. Its’ constant, incessant and fucking irritating. Say a thing, let us do it… shut the fuck up.
Loved it for the evening practice!
Natalia K. - -
Absolutely wonderful class and exactly what i was looking for tonight! This class is definitely going into my favorites and a go to evening practice - it stretches you in all directions and is perfect after a long day when your body craves movement even though you are short on time and/ or energy. Highly recommend!❤️
Erin M. - -
Absolutely love this "less talk, more doing" series, and Dan has a stillness and calmness about him that makes him the perfect guide for these. My only ask is that Dan includes more of the English names for the poses as well as the Sanskrit (which he did in the first of these classes)--I'm thinking of camel pose, specifically. Thank you!
Not My Style
Madeleine O. - -
This teacher is calming and seems nice, but this class is essentially a series of poses (not linked via vinyasa) that are a stretch. I would classify this beginner, except for the fact that because there isn't any cuing it actually might be difficult for someone new. Probably a good class if you like simple, slow stretches - but not if you want a strengthening vinyasa or interesting sequence.
The Downward Facing Dan Platform of SHH Greatness!
Kimberly M. - -
Love Dan’s sessions not only because he comes from Chicago and from my teacher Gabriel back in the day but because I stumbled on to these videos of Less Talk and did the triple play, there’s three. I need to find a way to get an entire steaming platform of Dan doing similar series because they are so healing and let breath guide with his incredible clear guidance.
More Dan, Please
Jeffrey A. - -
The Less Talking, More Doing series is my favorite on the site. Thank you, and please do more.
Loved it, loved it, loved it
Madeleine F. - -
What a wonderful change. Practicing this way calms the mind while at the same time engaging it to notice what you body is doing. It allows you to self correct in a way that having continual direction does not. Thank you. Please do more of these.
Loved This
Keli L. - -
Wasn't sure what to expect, my first class with Dan . This was so so lovely . Keep em coming. xoxox
Lots of Sanskrit
April M. - -
Good sequence, but as a student who only knows Sanskrit for only around half the more common poses I wish Dan included the English names as well. I believe I could have gotten more out of it if I didn't have to look at my screen as much. Also probably better for people who have a strong arm balance practice built up. Side crow and another variation included here.
love them
Margot B. - -
keep 'em coming
Patrizia M. - -
So far I've tried 1, 2 and 3 of these less talk practices and love them all. I would like to experience them in a longer format, like 45 minutes or 1 hour.
Ah Mazing!
sonny t. - -
Thank you so very much. I so appreciated the simple instruction and loved the poses in this practice. -Some of my favorites that don't always get used. This was literally and figuratively perfect for me today. I look forward to doing this video again. To another comment posted, I too could use a tip on the figure 4 fold into lifting one's feet off the ground. Again...THANK YOU and yes please to more like this. Perhaps an instructional one for more challenging poses with simple instruction/guidance like this.
Great session-
Feri W. - -
Less is definitely more. I have the opportunity to focus on my poses and go inward as opposed to constantly listen to instruction. More sessions like this will be greatly appreciated.
Diane B. - -
Loved this Dan! I don't think that there has been a class so far that I didn't like 😀 Any tips from anyone about the hand stands or the poses where you lift your feet off the mat? Can't seem to get this yet!
Kate S. - -
I was able to spend more time focused on my body and looking inward when I am not focused on the voice!
Agree with Laurie ^
Lauren K. - -
Love the idea of this series with less talk, but I also love your insight and words when you do offer it. More classes please!
Loved it
laurie m. - -
Loved this class Dan! But i also love your voice and kind of missed some of the talking! Ha ha. Will do this one again!