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Exactly What I Needed
Sydni A. - -
Thank you, Dan. Great class for an experienced practitioner. I found that I had a lot of space to experiment with movement and alignment in a way that felt a lot freer than when a teacher gives a bunch of different options. Love the gradual pace, and my shoulders feel amazing. More "Less talking, more doing" at this length and longer, please!
Awesome Sequence
Riza M. - -
Glad I found you, Dan! Great sequence. Effortless teaching !
Dan is crushing!
Jeannette W. - -
This is the best format - quiet, strong and with super graceful examples by the class members!
Angela B. - -
really love less let me focus on my own breath and helped with the phrase that teachers often use, " this is your practice"
Push Yourself
Tad K. - -
Not an easy class by any means. Good luck with some of the poses!
really interesting sequence
Star U. - -
Very challenging peak poses for me- and was very engaged by uniqueness of the series. Unusual combo of twisting flexibility and strength. Nice quietude in guidance.... and there were a few moments I could have used more words to figure out where what arm goes when : ) lol!
Amie M. - -
I truly wish all of the Intermediate classes were quieter, like this one. Strong & challenging, but delightful and minimal instruction. First time I have ever seen or attempted half moon binded. The "good luck" comment made me chuckle! Thank you, Dan, for such a wonderful class!
Jana B. - -
Lovely class! Quiet and introspective but also challenging. Dan is new to me and I'm excited to check out the rest of his series. Just what I needed this morning. Thank you!
Cheryl R. - -
This was a really calming class. It's not a flow class, however it's really gets into the stretching of hips and shoulders with a lot of binds.
Interesting Class
Kristi C. - -
This was a very interesting class with different types of poses & transitions. There is a lot of binding so if you have shoulder issues like me, just beware.
Quiet and Enjoyable
Sanju D. - -
Shall do this again
Bridget T. - -
I love this series and i enjoyed this sequence. Please keep making more of this series!
Nice sequence
Ana L. - -
I liked very much this class! Thanks
Melissa O. - -
Thank you for a great practice! Calm and introspective while challenging the body.