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Come for the twists, stay for the IT + Core!
Heather Wells - -
I feel longer and stronger already. Accessible yet challenging practice. Under an hour, but I feel like I worked it!
stephanie betjemann - -
Great all around class, with bonus benefits for tight IT bands and knees. Love Mia's instructions and lightness. :)
Great for a tense back
Heather Schwitalla - -
This practice helped stretch out tense muscles in my back that seemed to be threatening to turn into a painful back. Mia's words of wisdom were also exactly what I needed to hear as I prepare to transition into a new job.
Too much talking?
Keri 123 - -
I felt like there was very minimal chances for you to just move or stay in the pose with silence and just your breathe. Just constant talking throughout the whole video?! Advise, adjust, give a few silent movements for us to be with the breathe and hear what's happening in our body. Such a shame as the actual sequence flowed quite well. Maybe it's just me today but I wanted to twist and detox and have some peace for the energy to do what it needed to do and I felt like it was just neverending speech.
Flowing and sweating
pamela salas - -
Great class! Love all the secuence
Great class for a detox!
Lindsay Bond - -
I love Mia's classes and this one is no exception! Great detoxing/energizing class, highlighted with Mia's encouraging words of wisdom. Will definitely revisit this one.
If You're Looking for Twists....
LM C - -
...this is the class. Great flow sequence. A little slower than I thought it would be—making it more challenging. Very well-rounded. I feel amazing right now.
Goddess Mama teacher; GREAT EXPERIENCE
Delighted, charmed, instructed, held by Mia's sunshine-y energy, this almost-hour-of-power left me feeling fully spiralling in my prana, up and down my body. She is an *excellent* teacher speaking in a loving voice, offering: joyful wording of thoughtful insights into anatomy and sequencing. I liked the man & woman students, too. Will definitely repeat this next Saturday morning ;)
Trudi Cakmak - -
Beautiful practice, beautiful voice, beautiful lesson(s) Thank You <3
Hanna Benfield - -
As always Mia gives a wonderfully thoughtful, motivational and healthy sequence. Thanks, Mia!
Vigorous and Invigorating
Christina Padien - -
I do not love twisting, but this sequence, while challenging, left me energized and invigorated! I will be returning to this again and again. Namaste, Mia.
Rebeccah Minazadeh - -
This was soo powerful and necessary for me. I got the spiritual message that all healing is about awareness of my connection to abundance and about activating the inner energy of love and healing and health. Thank You Thank you. You have eased my heart. Much love. Namaste
Twist Addict
Emma Stenström - -
I love twisting! And this is just a great sequence for me, with lots of twisting in all different kind of poses. I am feeling a lot less worried than when I started the class.
Perfect At-Home Yoga Class
Frances Webb - -
I just loved this! It was exactly what I needed tonight - both challenging and grounding at the same time. I think itll become one of my staples!
Huba Kelemen - -
Get ready to break a sweat! Great detox class!!
Great Twisting Sequence
Meaghan Quinn - -
Class is intelligently structured and flows very nicely. Lots of standing twists with some balancing involved. Worked up a sweat too...will definitely do this class again, thanks Mia!
adriana contreras - -
I take Mias class regularly but travel for work so have to miss more than Id like. I havent been able to practice while I travel because my schedule is a bit crazy. This is a great sequence, just long enough to break a sweat. Challenging but with a true purpose which is why love her teaching.
Patrizia Milano - -
This class is true to its name. It really does flow and thus helps with the letting go portion of the title. Its more challenging than I expected and I did break a sweat (very rare in my case unless its a level 3 practice). Mia is a great teacher. Knowledgeable, dedicated, inspiring and very nurturing in a strong Goddess-like way.