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Excellent instruction!
Sarah S. - -
One of my new favorites! I will look for more of her classes. A strong practice, with great teaching on correct alignment. An hour well spent.
Sara A. - -
The pace is painful. By min 15 we were still cat/cow-ing? That's when I had had enough and dropped out.
Lesley Y. - -
I agree 100%. Too slow for me.
bjorn j. - -
Had you hung in I believe you would have been VERY challenged by this wonderfully detailed class. Maybe try it again sometime when you don't feel pressed for time? Laura really knows what she is talking about!
Excellent alignment breakdowns & instruction!
Sofie L. - -
Excellent alignment focused & instructional class. Very step by step with teaching moments at every juncture - if you’re looking for a flow class, this is not the one - breaking down where to engage, mind and connect with different muscle groups that are working in each pose. Laura is an excellent teacher! Thank you ❤️
Love Laura's Class!
Laura E. - -
I find Laura to be an exceptional teacher. I'm always super sore after her classes - even years into my yoga practice! She makes sure you have perfect form, going muscle by muscle to mindfully remind you what everything needs to be doing. Some students want to skip ahead and move quickly into the flow, but really - moving slowly and finding the perfect form and control in the pose works you way harder! Thanks for another tough class Laura :)
Jennifer T. - -
I had to quit after being stuck in chair pose for 10 minutes while she broke down every single movement into the minutest detail.
Sonia S. - -
Agree. Way too slow and too much talk
Victoria A. - -
Agreed. I left and found a different class
Sheena H. - -
Agree, this should not be an intermediate class, much more instruction and flow.
Good for workshopping flying pigeon, not a flow class
Lisa F. - -
This class is more of a workshop format and is not a flow class. So, it dives into the details of several poses to build your strength for getting to flying pigeon. It does a great job at this. Don't expect a flow class, it is not what this is. One comment for YW- don't expect people at home to have a set of both foam and cork blocks.
too much talking, not enough doing...
Lily K. - -
I agree with other comments, this was a slow instructional class with a lot of detailed instruction on simple poses. I ended up doing the entire class, but added quite a few of my own poses.
Thank you Laura!
Flissa M. - -
I think this is a strong level. It’s not EZ to be in the pose for so long because it shows strength and mindfulness. The talking or rather cueing helps get through the hold properly and takes your mind off the work. 😊
way too much talking
Patrizia M. - -
Couldn't even go past the first 10 minutes. Excruciatingly slow and way too talkative. Also, level 3 students know a lot more than the teacher gives them credit for. We don't need all those basic instructions
Level 1 class
Rachel W. - -
I stopped 7 minutes in because I don't need a 2 minute instruction on how to be in a quad ped position. I would recommend this class for a newer yogi in need of many alignment cues.
Not for me
Aaron M. - -
This class was not right for me. There are simply too many times that the instruction completely interrupts class. You end up just sort of sitting there waiting for the instructor to finish up what she is saying.
Too much talking
Jake W. - -
Couldn't finish this class. Minute 11, I've barely moved except for the poses I added in myself, and she's giving a chatturunga tutorial from all fours. Just because a class works up to an advanced pose, doesn't mean it is advanced--there are always steps along the way a yogi can stop at. I agree with the previous commenter. It is very introductory in that she gives too many cues in each posture.
Level 1
Viviana Y. - -
This shouldn't be labeled as a level 3 class. Too much instruction and it was more of an intro class.