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wont load
Erin A. - - (edited)
my comment title says it all
does not work
lorraine f. - -
Please fix
Doesn’t work
Jennifer S. - -
I would really love to try this but the video won’t play
Dani C. - -
This video does not work
Agata Z. - -
does not work
Nancy D. - -
Video doesn't start
Link seems broken
Angela A. - -
I've tried to use this link and has not worked the last 5 times. Love your classes
Mistitled - morning/wakeup sequence
Bernadette L. - -
I enjoyed this routine and found it perfect as a gentle, morning sequence. Backbends, cobra, downward dog, warrior, and gentle movement within the stretches. Like the other commenters suggested, I would have never guessed this was a hamstring/hip opening focused class though. As a runner trying to get more flexibility and a level 1/2 yoga enthusiast, it definitely felt mistitled. But I feel awake and stretchy though!
Loved it!
Hilary B. - -
Thank you. This was a really nice and restorative class. Perfect amount of instruction without too much talking.
Loved it!
Amie M. - -
Thank you so much, this was exactly what my hips and thighs needed as I am recovering from injury!
Devin F. - -
Davina is a really gentle, kind teacher. I really appreciated that. However, if this hadn't been titled a hips and hamstrings class, I wouldn't have known that's what the focus was. I was really craving those deep, hips and hamstrings stretches with that visceral relief, but I didn't get that in this class. So this is a nice, gentle class, and your legs will get some opening (especially the inner thighs). But this isn't the kind of digging-deep hips/hamstrings work that I was craving.
Sara C. - -
Right there with you. Would love to see a class that works much more deeply.