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Fantastic practice for low energy days
Alejandra M. - -
Really great instruction, the movements made my stiff body feel great. Not strenuous but relaxing
Level 2 Energy Boost
Shirley T. - -
Loved this practice. Melanie gives great verbal cues and her voice is so soothing.
Good for Low Energy While Stuck In The House
Erin M. - -
Helped me get off the couch so I can get back into what I need to do for the rest of the day. Breath of Fire is a good trick that I need to try on work days.
lovely in these hard times
Christine C. - -
I loved your voice, and I thank you for this class, which gave me a break from our sad world while energizing me to face another day!
Energizing slow flow perfect for a quick wake up
Amy G. - -
I am getting back into yoga after a 2 year break and this was a perfect quick flow to get you energized in the morning. note the shavasana is 12 minutes, so if you are looking for a full 30 minute active flow, this one will only give you 20.
Perfect for cleaning out the cobwebs.
Tracey H. - -
I needed an easy class after being away from yoga for several weeks. This eased me back into it. I feel ready for my day and a more challenging class tomorrow.
Amazing morning practice πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Orlando M. - -
Amazing morning practice πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Thank you!
jeanne b. - -
Perfect for taking gentle care of yourself & does exactly what it says. Love this teacher, fabulous instruction.
Perfect gentle pace
Kelsey L. - -
I really liked the pace of this. Just enough to get me started on a day when I didn't feel like a super long hard workout. I feel energized and open. As a runner, I'm often really tight, and this was a perfect "off" running day yoga practice for me.
One of my favorite morning class
Brigitte M. - -
Perfect to slowly wake up......
Jen B. - -
I did not enjoy this at all. It was too slow and had too much stretching. Not energizing. More like a level one. So disappointed i wasted my time with this video.
Wonderful practice
Laurene A. - -
This is a great way to start the day! Nice deep stretches and very good routine. I will keep this one on the top of my favorites!
Perfect to get the energy moving.
Annie L. - -
If you are looking for a workout, this is definitely not the class for you. But it is a great short sequence to get back into your body, breathe, unwind and get the energy moving. I loved the instructor's tone and directions. Thank you!
Energizing morning paced flow
Kendra W. - -
Slower paced, breath focused flow with the option to modify as needed. Some warriors, forward folds and just enough sun salutations. Ending with strap assisted hamstring stretches and a 2-3 minute guided savasana. Great class for a not-too-challenging morning / mid-day pick me up. Lovely instruction. Thank you!!
Andrea H. - -
What a skillful sequence! I thoroughly enjoyed this and will be adding this to my queue to practice again.
That Was Amazing
Penny G. - -
So awesome Melanie. Thank you for a great practice. It truly lives up to it's name. Will be doing this one again.
Level Two Energy Boost
Pamela K. - -
Very good am or pm class. Gentle and relaxing.
cindi z. - -
Wonderful little 30 minute slow flow. Went from a lazy sloth to deliciously energized and ready to jump into the day. Love your classes! Thanks and namaste~
BRIAN L. - -
Wonderful class! Should say recommended prop is a strap.
Claire S. - -
This class really put energy back in my body without being overly exerting. Great length of poses and flows. Good level two class
Marah L. - -
I really feel the shift in energy after this wonderful class. You have a beautiful voice and pace. Thank you Melanie!
Anne P. - -
I do love your classes, Melanie! This was invigorating without making me pant!
Energizing and calming
Andria B. - -
Thank you - what a wonderful way to start my day! I love your calm beautiful voice and the wonderful stretches.
Amazing Class
natalia v. - -
this is an awesome quick flow. Loved every minute of the class. Thanks Melanie!
Amazing Class
natalia v. - -
this is an awesome quick flow. Loved every minute of the class. Thanks Melanie!