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So wonderful!
Audra S. - -
I really love your classes and how you cur! I appreciate your soft and gentle voice as well and the pace! Please continue to add more classes!
Karen H. - -
I enjoyed the pacing of this class and the emphasis on twisting poses. thanks Melanie
Improved My Form
Francine C. - -
Truly enjoyed this detox. Instructor's guidance improved my form and flow.
Inglish M. - -
Today helped me be aware of letting go of tention in my body and mind. Not going to far in a pose. Letting go. 🙏🏻
Great Pacing and Cueing
Robert B. - -
I had just graduated as a Yogaworks Certified 200 hr teacher and then had a horrible motorcycle accident which hospitalized me for 78 days and I'm going on 5 months of physical therapy. This practice was great as I try to find my way back to the mat. The pacing, the options, the cuing to find the proper form in the asanas, along with the movement of the breath, and there is enough space in between asanas to allow me to modify as needed for my left knee and right foot and ankle to safely get some mat-work in. Thanks Melanie and Yogaworks!
Just right!
Pamela S. - -
Great pacing along with connecting the breath and solid instructions.
Just what I needed!
Jordyn S. - -
Great class to get me going in my practice again. The cues were clear and made sense even when i was facing away from my laptop. Thank you for the great instruction!
Laura W. - -
Good video - I'd say between beginner and intermediate. Would be nice to have a bit more hip openers which are very detoxifying! I added in a thread the needle in place of the third bridge pose - though pigeon would have been great, too.
Nice basic practice!
Rachel B. - -
I chose this practice because, though not a beginner, I've been away from my mat for a while. It was lovely-a simple, clear, and effective introduction to sun salutes and twists. I did not get sweaty, but felt warm and calm at the end. I love the teacher's light sense of humor and clear cues.
Jessica S. - -
Soothing voice, great instruction! Love this one!
Camilla D. - -
great class! thank you!
Day 16
Mai T. - -
Long Beginners Detox
Donna B. - -
Such a Great Class! Thank you Melanie for your calming voice and smooth instructions. Donna Byrnes
Heaven sent!
Doreen D. - -
I love this class. Its a great way for me to wring myself out from all the things (and sometimes judgments about the things) that happened during my day. Thank you, Melanie for guidance.
Cathy R. - -
The guidance and cues were excellent. Great class, thanks!
Feeling great
Mary P. - -
I will definitely be doing this class again, thanks :)
Elizabeth G. - -
Lovely. Thank you!
barbara s. - -
I have done so many classes of yoga and so many dvds, this is so far the best one i have ever tried. Calm, relaxing, very well explained, finally something really good for a beginner but also for someone more active. LOVED IT. Will keep doing it. Thank you
Ryan T. - -
Love it :)
Favorite Level 1 Class
Ursula K. - -
This has the perfect combination of pace to build heat, instruction and stretching for a level 1 class. Great for newbies or yogis looking for a less intense practice.
yogini 1. - -
Thank you Melanie, for cues + deeper insight woven through the class. Great!