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Get ready to sweat
Sarah F. - -
Much more challenging than anticipated but worth every minute. Get ready to engage your core and some very deep (and much needed) breaths.
Anthony D. - -
Great class! Built up a great sweat, lots of heat! This will be the class I do each morning for the next 10 days so I can really explore each pose and hopefully after 10 days feel a real difference in my bodies strength and flexibility. Thank you
Fernanda Desai
Fernanda D. - -
Very nice sequence by Alexandria! A complete detox class...I am feeling great! Thanks a lot.
Super class!
randi h. - -
had zero energy when i started, yet this gave me all the energy i need for the day! thanks Alexandria!
Annette R. - -
LOVE THIS! Pace was just right. The sequence of the poses created a great flow. Holding the poses challenged my muscles. I feel stronger already! Definitely making this part of my regular routine. Be prepared to sweat!
My Fave
Stephanie W. - -
By far this is the most challenging video on the site I have done in terms of strength and endurance. Poses are difficult but to hold - not so much to get into. I used a block for twisted triangle. I love Alexandria's videos - she has a unique and useful way of explaining that helps me get the most out of my practice.
Energizing Twists
Alexandra L. - -
Excellent sequence with useful cues. Good pacing, continuous but not rushed. Thank you Alexandra
Wow that was FABULOUS
Alexandra L. - -
Excellent twisting sequence. I feel great. Thanks Alexandra!
Challenging for sure
Brittany G. - -
The twists are really challenging but afterwards you feel great. I'd say it's a 2-3 level more than a 2.
Jennifer P. - -
really wrings out and uses all muscles. I felt great afterwards, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Fantastic Twist Sequence!
Bethanie P. - -
Loved this sequence, Alexandria! Simple and straightforward, yet creative and challenging. I will definitely be revisiting this Deep Detox!
Great detoxing sequence!
Michelle R. - -
Worth It!
Victoria G. - -
This practice is very very challenging - definitely heat building and with some very intense work. But it's also extremely satisfying! My mind and body feel clear after this long sequence and I will be back very soon to improve upon it a little more!
the perfect class for me
Patrizia M. - -
I love twisting and opening the hips at the same time and this class offers a lot of options to do that while elongating the spine. It is also the perfect length for an early morning practice to clear the mind and body at the start of the day.
Love this!
Anne T. - -
Thanks for posting this detox series - this is great!
Jennifer C. - -
Great core workout too!