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Teacher's voice was too loud/aggressive
Jennifer P. - - (edited)
I had to turn the video off, her voice was too boisterous. Warm up was too difficult on neck. Not relaxing, I get being passionate about teaching yoga, but she needs to take herself voice down a notch to provide a more healing tone.
Thank you!
Florencia P. - -
This is an excellent class! Thank you for it. Love the teacher's voice and how she explained every pose.
Hip Openers, Backbends, Core
Sydni A. - -
Great mix of different elements leading to lizard. The only wish I had was for longer holds!
Being home
Bridget B. - -
Love the sequence and the cadence of this session. Give yourself 60 minutes and change your perspective. Wonderful class Lainie!
Great stretching of the hip flexors
Julia P. - -
The first half of the class was a bit intense and there were great strengthening positions. And there were plenty of poses that stretch the hip flexors before we even got to lizard pose.
Tracy K. - -
Was away from yoga too long. Once again found instruction, grounding and understanding from a teacher that gave me so much. Lainie is amazing! Generously sharing her deep knowledge of the poses. Allowing for a safe and fulfilling practice. Namaste!
Full Deep Breath
Joyce S. - -
Great class; great teacher; great voice
Feel great!
Barbara G. - -
I love Lainie's enthusiasm and her directions. This is a great class and really motivating for me. Very much looking forward to more classes by Lainie.
Couldn't finish
Mariana F. - -
She is a great teacher and has good cues but her voice is very loud. I feel irritated today and this class wans't helpful. Maybe i try it another day.
Great Class
Iliana O. - -
It was easy to follow and great full body stretch
Beautifully composed class!
Cheryl K. - -
This was a breath of fresh air for me in Dallas, Texas. The sequence encourages softening and strengthening--really beautifully composed. Deep bow Lainie Devina!
pamela s. - -
Nice instructions, great class
Thank You
Kristen M. - -
I am so excited to see that Lainie's classes are now on myyogaworks. She is my favorite teacher. Great class! Please add more!
Great Class!
shannon G. - -
Easy to follow instruction.. Don't change anything! Loved the voice!
Voice too brash!
Irene F. - -
good sequence , but too loud for me...
Jacqueline M. - -
Nice full body stretch. Easy to follow. I would consider this class a "Level 3" due to the deep stretching and twisting poses, and a flow sequence. But, there is always modifications.
Jana B. - -
What a fresh, fun, thoughtful sequence. I can't wait to incorporate some of Lainie's backbending work into my own classes. Thanks for the inspiration! <3
Feeling Great
Melissa W. - -
i really enjoyed this class. It warmed me up and stretched me out all the while giving my muscles a workout. She takes us through a variety of poses, layer by layer, with detailed instruction of what to do. Her joy in teacher is apparent!
Alexandra L. - -
WOW thank you Lainie. Your teaching style is so commanding yet gentle, clear, concise and compassionate. The sequence is creative and exciting. Terrific class.
Annie P. - -
Great class! Really nice way to end the day!
Rosemary R. - -
Great class, Lainie! Loved it!
Sara K. - -
Couldn't finish this video. Got through about 20 minutes of the sequence. The sequences and pose combinations are good, but I can't get past the hard directness of Devina's voice. For whatever reason her tone of voice made the practice more stressful and irritating. Seems like a waste of a good class. I hope others can enjoy!
Sasha B. - -
excellent class, easy to follow Lainie's instructions. Thank you
Nancy H. - -
Great Class!!! Thank You, Lainie!
MARY D. - -
I enjoyed the sequencing and your yoga-works informed guidance. I found myself wishing for a soothing voice: I found the vocal tone agitating and couldn't connect to your vibe. sorry. Mary