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How to do a vinyasa with a bad back
Heather S. - -
I had a very tense back, and could tell that I was on the road to an actually painful back. This practice seemed to help a lot to pre-emptively release that tension (though not entirely, probably because it's only 30 mins, and I have 2 weeks' worth of tension to work through). It also seemed like it would be fantastic for those times when my back actually goes out to help me be able to start going through a vinyasa so that I can do some of the other practices that might help -- if I could just properly modify the poses!
Annette R. - -
I just took this class after 2 days of dealing with a pulled upper thigh muscle. For most of the practice I was able to gently work and release the muscle strain. I did have to modify the first pose in which the right leg had to be up in a bent knee position but by keeping my knee bent and my foot near my butt I was able to get some release. Loved this class and love Tim's soothing voice and style of teaching. Thanks!
Gentle Flow
Cynthia R. - -
Loved this...just what my back needed tonight! After being laid up sick for a couple of days and not feeling like doing anything physical, this practice provided gentle releases for my lower back, shoulders and legs. The instructor's voice is soothing as is the gentle flow. Thanks!
Excellent for low back
Vanessa R. - -
Thank you for this wonderful class. It follows up on a lot of the physical therapy I have had for my low back and your reminders to pay attention to what different parts of your body are doing (i.e. tense shoulders) are perfect. This class is really helping me work on my lower back stability and feels great after sitting in front of a desk for hours. Thanks!