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Good Strength Builder
Eileen K. - -
I felt like this one was tough enough and challenged me to open my hips in standing poses. I love Alexandria's cuing. She's thorough but keeps it moving.
Get ready!
Stefanie M. - -
Fast moving, strong class! I skipped a few of the caturanga’s so I could stay focused on the legs. Great workout, thanks!
Michelle S. - -
Lots of planking, chatarangas and holding poses. The flows are called out quickly so it can get exhausting. This one was a toughie.
Tough and fun
Kera Z. - -
Challenging, fast-paced workout. Alexandra does a great job getting you into the pose correctly and helping you flow with the breath. A little tough to keep up if your vinyasa isn't strong yet.
Lower Body Booster
Michelle S. - -
Loved this session, half way through I was whining but I stuck with it. I felt like there was enough upper body work so I didnt neglect that today. I combined this with Quick Core and Im ready to go!