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Varsha S. - -
soo good!!
Maryanne R. - -
Thank you Mia for this class and the whole chakra series! such a good challenge and each class has such wonderful meaning behind it. hope you are able to have many many more classes on the website :)
Sacral flow
Dianne W. - -
Let it go! Let it go! LET IT GO!!! At the end of this practice I was in a totally different space physically, mentally and emotionally. Mia, Thank you.
Tom B. - -
Thank you. Mia!
Love this one!
Hanna B. - -
Beautiful, Mia...thank you!
Amazing Class!
randi h. - -
thanks so much Mia! I feel so much more connected to my inner power after this.. great confidence boost and great creative class. More like this please!
Great Challenge!
Bethanie P. - -
I'm working through these in order and so far the Manipura Chakra has been the most challenging for me. Maybe I'm feeling a little low energy today, but I couldn't quite finish it. The core work is fantastic, and this chakra carries personal meaning for me. I can't wait to come back to this class. Thanks, Mia!
Favorite Chakra Class
Jennifer H. - -
Besides offering a strong flow with all the vinyasas I love, I found myself connecting with the spiritual conversation of this chakra most of all - this class guided me into a lovely mindspace - thank you!
Strong class!
Lien I. - -
This is a great class: not just for core - it's pretty well-rounded with lots of vinyasas, basic standing poses, crow pose and some mild hip openers. It is good to know that it is a strong class. If you're feeling down or blue, this class probably won't pick you up: it's too much of a butt-kick for that. If you're feeling good, however, it will make you feel great.
Beginner level please!
Cathy R. - -
I love Mia's teaching style and spiritual grounding. I try her classes for that reason, but my extra weight and weak core are just not up to it yet. I wish she would do a Level 1 chakra series - I know I can skip or modify, but that leaves me too disconnected with the rhythm of the class. Until my core is stronger, the vinyasas end up doing more harm than good. Would like a gentler class that leaves me energized rather than defeated. Thank you!
Annie L. - -
Very nice class. I feel like this chakra regularly needs some attention from my part, so this is perfect. Makes me feel better. Thank you.
Nadine A. - -
That was beautiful. Thank You.
Love Mia's classes!
Kate T. - -
The more of Mia's classes I take the better I like her! This is a strong but doable core-based class but with lots of great flowing poses. I love the pace. Not too fast. Thank you Mia.
One of the best classes
Heather M. - -
This class may be my absolute favorite! Such a wonderful, dynamic class that works all muscles and especially the core. I finished this class feeling energized and strong. Truly refreshing!
I found muscles that I didn't know existed
Erin O. - -
So far, this chakra series has been the most eye opening for me. Due to several household distractions, I lost focus a few times and almost did not finish the class. BUT something inside told me it's ok to stop and start, this does not need to be perfect. Thank you Mia for helping me cultivate the courage to persist and let go of these feelings. I also am surprised how next day, the muscles over my ribs are sore. I had no idea I could even reach those!
Jessica R. - -
Amazing practice!!! I feel the fire radiating all through my body. Definitely going to be cycling back to this session. Mia, your words were really insightful. I'm going to take them with and practice them in the world.
Love this journey series
Barbara S. - -
I think I've cycled through 5 or 6 times by now. I do try other classes/instructors but I always come back to yours. I hope you're working on another series. A great workout and very inspiring!
Thank you!
Anna R. - -
You are absolutely my favorite instructor on this site and just in general! I have been going through a rough patch in my life and all of your classes are so inspiring to me. They help me to turn inward and remember my own strength, beauty and worth. Great work out too :)
Aaron M. - -
Wow! That was an amazing workout. I'll be doing this again tomorrow morning. I had problems with getting up onto my feet and balancing in the air. Any advice on that one? I felt like I was going to faceplant. :( Keep up the good work!
After a yoga break- just what I needed
Gina H. - -
Thank you for a thoughtful and centering class. On a rainy Saturday afternoon it was great to slow down, light a couple candles in my house and enjoy this hour.
Amazing class
Cynthia L. - -
Lots of sweat, abs and inner strength….Thank you <3
Manipura Chakra Flow
Alystyre J. - -
a good fire tonic, wise, a good lesson for self-confidence and questioning of the role and use of power
Scion R. - -
Loving this series. Thank you so much!
Wonderful class
cara s. - -
This class not only made me break a serious sweat, but had me feeling grounded, strong, and happy by the end. Thanks Mia!
manipura chakra flow
farideh e. - -
Mia u r amazing , my life has been so easy with on line classes n so much more profound cause i only listen to the teacher n flow , its wonderful. thanx yoga works.
Third Chakra
Meaghan Q. - -
These chakra series are my favorite MyYogaWorks videos - thank you Mia for a beautiful uplifting practice! Plus...abs! phew!
Minta A. - -
Fantastic ab sequence... well-rounded... spiritual... intentional...AND abs! Perfection!
Manipura chakra
farideh e. - -
Excellent , really really excellent