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I liked it
Payal D. - -
Nice simple exercise
Monika K. - -
6 months since I’ve given birth, 6 months of looking at my stomach with self criticism, first time I touched my belly since the birth and felt acceptance. This is my body right now, and it’s okay, it’s still strong and healthy. Thank you.
Way too much talking
Great short video
Ajay S. - -
Thank you for this video. great video to help get in touch with your body.
Focusing inward
Carol S. - -
It's not very long, but is one of the best meditation videos I've found for helping me focus inward.
Genea S. - -
This video was interesting. I have a one year old and have been self conscious about my body, mainly my stomach, since giving birth and I liked how the instructor says this is like "hugging yourself". Its like telling myself its ok to feel the way you feel. Just know that you are loved by "you". I'm loved by me. Very relaxing and humbling. I will do this simple pose often.