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Loved it!!
Aoife O. - -
What a great mini class, love Jessica:)
Mini Detux
Prativa K. - -
Thank you Jessica for the excellent class. I loved the sequence, your calming voice, and clear and precise instructions. You make me feel humble and mindful on and off the mat. Namaste, Prati
Jessica S. - -
Thank you Prati, hoping to get more quick fixes on here soon:) .
Sarah M. - -
I thought this was a great twisting class, but I am very concerned about the validity of the anatomical benefits she is suggesting. For instance, you don't squeeze probiotics out of your "gut" by twisting your abdominal cavity. Good bacteria (probiotics) live throughout our GI tract, but you don't squeeze them out of human cells. This class is not a substitute for taking probiotics. Also, by pushing on the inside of your toes you will not turn green. I think she means yellow, aka jaundice, which is a SERIOUS sign of liver cancer or disease. There were a few others, but you get the point. This is basic physiology, and I don't want other yogis to be misinformed or misguided.
Jessica S. - -
Hi Sarah, I appreciate your comments. I hope the message is not that you squeeze the pro-biotics out..LOL. It is all in good fun, deep twists and forward folds do help w/ Cortisol levels and over-all gut health which helps w/ serotonin levels as well. I mention probiotic in relation to healthy GI.. I will be more careful with my words when we squeeze so as not to mislead😊. Namaste.
Just what I needed
Ginny W. - -
Amazing twist and detox variations- thank you!
Jessica S. - -
Thank you Ginny.
Great short class!
Nicole C. - -
The little one is sick, so I never know how much time I have - this was a perfect class to get in under the nap radar! I feel energized and soothed. Thank you Jessica!
Jessica S. - -
So happy you enjoyed and are energized Nicole. Thank you for your support.
Rachel J. - -
Great for overall soreness as well as night out! My neck feels so much better from the twists... headache almost gone 🙂
Jessica S. - -
Gina B. - -
Those were some intense twists, I felt good afterward though!
Jessica S. - -
Great for a hangover!
Aimee V. - -
Felt so good after a night of one too many drinks. Instructor was straight to the point and explained the benefits of each pose. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment.
Jessica S. - -
So glad you enjoyed Aimee.
soothing and simple
Jody P. - -
Excellent for regrouping and centering yourself from whatever has worn you out!
Jessica S. - -
Thanks Jody. Comments always appreciated:)
Interesting twist to basic poses
Anne-Marie E. - -
Good alternative style twists and wringing out of muscles. Last energizing pose with blocks was good. I also liked the liver point cobbler pose. Jessica planned this well with detox in mind throughout.
Jessica S. - -
So glad you enjoyed:). I do a two hour workshop annually at the New Year. If you are in Southern California join us some time, usually at the YogaWorks Mission Viejo Studio.:). "New Year, New You"