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Susan D. - - (edited)
Even though it is only 42 minutes, I felt like I had a nice, well-rounded class. The instruction is clear enough that you do not need to look at the video, and the pacing is slow enough that you need to use strength instead of flopping through the poses as one can do in ashtanga classes. Thank you, Jessica! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do more videos!
You are my favorite
Nanette W. - -
Thanks Jessica; I am struggling with a knee injury and your calm demeanor allows me to move through the postures without judging my inability to perform at 100%. I also thank you for clear instruction without a lot of extraneous commentary regarding breath.
So Yummy!!
Aoife O. - -
What a fantastic class. Can we have more videos from Jessica PLEASE!!!!
Susan D. - -
I am a Fan
Genie B. - -
Good Mocktanga class and really nice intro/alternative to traditional Ashtanga. I also liked seeing the hands on adjustments. Thank you, Jessica.
Prativa K. - -
Thank you so much for the excellent class Jessica.
Prativa K. - -
Thank you so much again.
Prativa K. - -
Thank you Jessica for the the excellent class. I love the modifications since I fell and bruised myself this morning. I find your voice calming. FIurthermore, I find the transitions safe and I am able to follow what you are saying even I close my eyes. Actually, I feel uplifted after practicing with you. In conclusion, I definitely practice with you again. I will see you in person in Mission Vijeo studio next time. Namaste, Prati
Enjoyable Modified Ashtanga
Lindsey R. - -
For when you don't have the time for the full primary series, this is a nice quick rundown of the majority of the standing poses and a stretch or two with time for a backbend. Well-rounded.
New Ashtanga Fan
Elizabeth B. - -
Loved this guided Ashtanga video! Jessica's cues were so good and in the moment, that I remained present and didn't find myself looking to the video. Jessica is clearly a very educated teacher! I would use it again.
Not a fan
Caryn T. - -
Not a fan of her style of instruction and cues. She also suggests modifications when already on the second side which is unhelpful. Also, a lot of pivoting on the mat and lacking flow.
Linda Cleveland o’keefe
Linda C. - -
I did the class while traveling and it was the perfect way to get a workout and center myself. Jessica’s cueing is so good that watching the video is unessessary and it becomes more of a moving meditation. Jessica’s attention to form and breathing helped me to practice with awareness. This is my first time using the online program based on my experience here, I will use it again.
Ashtanga Light
Jen M. - -
This class was a bit slow for me, but I appreciated the instructor’s focus on alignment and form. Good intro to Ashtanga. I wish there are intermediate traditional Ashtanga classes available. What I love about the instructors on MyYogaWorks is their attention on proper form to prevent injuries. Something that is missing in some yoga studios I went to.