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Daniele L. - -
Not a mommy but I love this quick and effective stretch on the shoulders and back! Great after long hours in front of the computer.
Great for any level
Melody K. - -
I was originally looking for a level 2 sequence, but this one really hit the spot since I've been carrying my baby a lot!
Sean S. - -
I love your mommy series. I wish I had found it earlier. Thank you!!
Great stretches
Cynthia R. - -
Incredible for shoulders, arms, wrists...great release. I feel so much better!
Best shoulder stretch
Brigid B. - -
Fabulous stretch for computer shoulders ever! Thank you
Good for tension
Annette A. - -
Not a young mommy, but a stressed. overworked older woman. My neck, shoulders and back tighten during the day. This short session made me fell much better!
Thank you
Kathleen P. - -
This is great for me before I get back into mommy mode. I am a teacher and go from mommy to teacher and back to mommy. It has really helped me regain my energy after a long day with my students so i can be very present with my baby. It was exactly what i was looking for.
Needed that!
Zorami S. - -
Thanks from this mom of a 2 year old and a 3 month old.