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Yikes! In a good way.
Bethanie Pitsky - -
I was unable to hold some of the poses for the whole time, which tells me it's a needed challenge. Great core class, thank you, Mia.
Anna Hawkins - -
Kicked my core, cant wait for how sore i'm guaranteed to be tomorrow. Just long enough
Heather Wells - -
Definitely appreciated Mia's humor during this challenging core work! Great short and to-the-point video. It helped me wake up in the morning and will remind me to engage my core for better posture throughout the day.
Jodi Oughton-Schmidt - -
great! My core thanks you
samantha kahn - -
Those plank variations were great.
Core and more!
Svetlana Anthony - -
Firstly, I loved the clarity, energy and fun spirit of the teacher in this video. Secondly, the sequence was outstanding. So much of core variations in just 20 min! It was challenging and enjoyable to practice. This video proved that working on Core you need engage pretty much the whole body. Thank you!
Jill Carey - -
Thanks for the laughter during the core work!
Stephanie Holz - -
Day 3
Shannon Conn - -
Hello Core!
Wowww that was a hard but excellent core workout, thank you Mia!
Mean Core!!!
Makenzie Schulz - -
Punishing but worth it!
Thank you!
Chara Law - -
Thanks Mia for this perfect core video! I broke my toe recently but I'm glad that I can still do some core work at home since I can't make it to class! You always have the best core sequences!