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Thank you!
Frances M. - - (edited)
Wonderful class with a gentle pace and a focus on breath and alignment. This wasn't a class that made me sweat, but it worked my muscles and kept me focused on doing the poses well. Loved it! Paired it with this music from youtube and it was a wonderful way to start my day :)
Katie R. - -
Slower paced than some of the other Level 2 Vinyasa classes and exactly what I needed today!
Thank you, Carolina!
Elizabeth K. - -
I return to Carolina's class again and again. Pacing is deliberate so I can focus on form. But don't be fooled - during vinyasas it always builds up heat. Really love this class. Would love to see more classes like this from Carolina with some emphasis on core. Namaste!
Sarah H. - -
I agree this class is a great opportunity to work on form and breathing even for more advanced yogis. The pace is perfect for a mindful class that is energizing and centering.
More Carolina Classes Please!
Elizabeth K. - -
My third time taking this class. Carolina's energy and pacing is restorative and strengthening. Would love to see more class offerings from Carolina Goldberg including a level 3 and a level 1 for beginners and for more experienced yogis to work on form. Really enjoy Carolina's energy!
Excellent Class
Fabrizio D. - -
I just found this class and did this practice for the first time today. I've been trying various classes and I have now found a great class for me. Thank you Carolina! I really enjoyed this class.
Trinette F. - -
I needed this today. It helped me through a rough week.
Lovely Gently Flow
Elizabeth K. - -
First time taking this and will definitely return. I found it invigorating and restorative. The pace is gentle - great opportunity to work on form and breathing for level 2's and 3's. And I think it would be an excellent class for those newer to yoga, too. Namaste, Carolina!
Love this class
Dyan S. - -
I just keep coming back to this class with Carolina. So many of the other classes feel stressful and a bit militant to me. Not soft and friendly and yoga like and I prefer this home type of yoga studio and softer instructor voice. To me, this is what yoga is supposed to be!
Sophie T. - -
Excellent morning stretch to awaken both body and mind!
Elise K. - -
I have come back to this morning flow several times. I would love Carolina to offer more classes of this length. She really lights up my day!
So nice to take a class with you again!
Robin B. - -
Carolina, I am so happy I found your class. I miss you! Nice to see Shea and Teri too. Namaste, Robin
nice options!
Eda E. - -
I sure enjoyed the live feed for one month! I prefer live as it is better for my psyche. I do like this option though for the price and no buffer issues!
Beautiful morning flow
Yasmine D. - - (edited)
Carolina leads class with smooth comfortable ease and flow. Her melodic voice guides you while drawing gawareness to your body alignment throughout. Amazing way to start the day. Beautiful flow. Thank you Carolina and YogaWorks.
Dyan S. - -
This was exactly what I needed this morning. I couldn't decide if I should start my day with Qigong or a vigorous yoga class but this met the needs for me this morning. It was a peaceful yet moderately strenuous class leaving me feeling positive about the day ahead. Thank you Carolina and YogaWorks for this beautiful class!
Lovely start to my day!
Tamara W. - -
Carolina's demeanor is positive without being cloying, and she leads us through the poses with a confident ease and encouragement that makes even holding the long poses enjoyable! Loved this class.
Wonderful morning flow!
Carol H. - -
I loved Carolina’s flow with affirmations. It’s balanced and creates a beautiful morning mindset and body ready for the day!
Michelle F. - -
Perfect Sunday Flow
Nicole R. - -
With gratitude! Loved the level 2 with Carolina this morning!
nice, easy Level 1
Karmi S. - -
this is a nice, basic easy level 1 flow. Her microphone goes out about half way through and a man's shadow is pacing in the background (just to know for next filming)
Your "Personality" is your "personal-reality."
Raquel B. - -
Thank you Carolina! You helped me have hope that today is going to be a great day. I so often look at the time at the bottom of the screen to see, "when is this going to be over." I didn't look once during your class. You give directions that I can understand and follow without having to look at the screen. Your voice is easy to listen to. And you have a positive spirit. Thank you for helping me start my day and beginning my yoga practice once again.
Very nice
Michelle M. - -
Good direction and I only fell once today! Getting better each time.
Love her!
Sarah H. - -
Carolina is an angel!
Beautiful intermediate flow
Linda S. - -
Thank you for the very enjoyable class. Nice clear direction and easy to follow. 🙏 Namaste
Paula G. - -
Thank you , beautiful class .
Perfect mix of flow and stretch
Marietta B. - -
This is the best Yoga Works session I have watched- very clear and well paced. I was surprised that it didn't end in shavasana but figured it was easy for me to add and not necessary to see the teacher and the class doing it.
nice morning flow
Mathieu L. - -
liked the poses and instructions were quite clear, would've liked a shavasana though :-)
Mary D. - -
I second that
Becky C. - -
thank you for the morning flow
Video would stop
Lisa S. - -
Not sure if it’s my internet right now but the video would pause every few minutes it got to hard to take the class. I assume everyone is on the internet because they are all staying in their house.
video stopped
Cindy P. - -
this the third video I have watched in three days and they all stop at around 30 minutes!-what is going on????
Angela B. - -
nice for morning, just enough flow
Really good flow
Mary C. - -
I loved the class, until the end. No Chavasana?? Also, there is a ticking noise through a lot of the audio that was very distracting to me
Naomi V. - -
lovely morning flow
Good Class
Leticia C. - -
Just new to this website. I would say this is one of the better videos! One person doing beginner poses and another doing advanced. It was nice to see different options. Will be doing this one again next morning.
Good Morning!
Theresa S. - -
Great morning flow! Thank you!
Great class
Igor G. - -
Thank you for a wonderful class. You have soothing, calming voice. It is well structured class.
Great way to start the day!
Katherine G. - -
Gentle enough for the morning but still gets everything flowing! Loved it. Feel great!
Morning Flow With Love
Keli L. - -
Perfect pace for a early morning practice before 7 am Thank you Carolina
Yoga with Positivity - Love!
E S. - -
Carolina's positive energy just emanates from her videos! I love her classes and the use of props! I just want to take her classes in the studio!
Level 1-2
Ana O. - -
I liked the session, but too slow
Wonderful class!
Silke K. - -
I am enjoying this class tremendously. Although being all the way in Germany it is so great to have the chance to have Carolina as a teacher. She is the best! I am taking so much strength and positive energy from her classes. Good morning to everyone, hope you have an amazing day. Lots of love. Silke
Great morning session!
Janka S. - -
Carolina is amazing! Love this session, will keep doing it!