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A great way to start the day
Madeleine Ortiz - -
This class is not too fast, not too slow, and not too complicated. It works up just enough of a sweat to make you feel like you challenged your muscles and then stretches you out for long enough that you feel as though you'll have more mobility throughout the day. I think it's perfect for the morning because there's not too much thinking, you can likely execute every pose, and it's very well rounded.
excellent class
Bridget Truxillo - -
nice sequence and instructions. I was very sluggish and tired this morning and this sequence woke me up nicely and ready for the day
Katherine Macrone - -
This is a great class and love the teacher however you may need to warm up beforehand. I find with most of these classes a warm up before the actual play button really helps. I like to set my intention and run through some Yin posses before embarking on a Yang class.
Annie Lachance - -
Nice flow. Simple and efficient.
My Favorite MyYogaWorks Class
Lindsay Bond - -
Over the past year and a half, I keep coming back to this class. So grounding, challenging, and calming. Thanks again, David!
Not enough shoulder & spine warming up
Heather Schwitalla - -
In the morning, the thing that really feels good is shoulders and spine stretching. This class had some, but not nearly enough of the kinds that work best for me. I tried to add my own, but it's never quite the same as when the instructors choose a good one. David doesn't take you out of savasana in this one.
Just Amazing!
natalia vasakova - -
I can't believe how much I sweated only after 20 min and thought we were almost done, yet not even close :). It's short and sweat, to do point, and will make you work only in 37 min. Though the class is designed in a such way it leaves space for rest and grounding as well!!! Amazing. Thank you David! :)
liz hull - -
David Kim, you are the bomb. Always an explanation as to why each pose is chosen, very thorough and this practice was short and sweet enough to be super uplifting but not take all my time. Thank you!!!
Great flow !
lisa steiner - -
Loved how you entered ww1 ! Terrific flow!
Denise McLeod - -
This was my first level 3 class. It had everything to give me a brisk, deep, and sweaty yoga Session. Don't be fooled by this 37 min class, you will feel like you've just had a 60 min class! One of my new favourites. .
Great way to start the day
Jessica Barkley - -
Gets your energy up and challenges you just right.
Smooth and Sweet
LM C - -
Great flow. Love his attention to detail. Feel relaxed and energized, and have am overcome by a fresh sense of peace.
Perfect Start!
Lisa Bennett - -
Excellent flow and pace to start your day off right :-)
Great warm up
Jennifer Hankins - -
Love the warm up and flow! Very energizing, great pace and able to follow easily. Would love his one hour or 90 min version for more intensity!
Susan Cavalli
Susan DiGiorgio - -
Perfect for the morning. Just enough to refresh yourself to start the day. Thank you David.
Katherine Lord - -
nice short flow when time crunched - but not sure i see how its a level 3, maybe a 2 . still a good workout though
Mary Marcus - -
great morning class!
Emilia Valencia - -
Great morning practice; thank you.
C C - -
beautiful balance of strength and relaxation and stretching, intuitive and connected as always. Thank you!
Great way to wake up!
Shelley Wishart - -
Thanks David! I especially enjoyed the cueing for warrior 1. This is always a tricky pose for me, and the extra time you spent setting this up was helpful.
Linda Case - -
Loved this class! It was my first Level 3 class and I enjoyed every single minute of it! As always, David is a helpful, enthusiastic and positive teacher who provides plenty of good detail to help his students. Thanks so much - This will become one of my regulars!
Good Morning
Jessica Raymer - -
This is my first level 3 and sadly I was bit distracted this morning so I didn't completely give myself over to some of these poses. I will try again though because even with the little I was able to focus on this is a good practice to start the day with =D
Nice way to start the day!
Michelle Risley - -
This class was perfect - I my only critique is that it would could have been a little longer. :) Please film a one hour morning flow class.
Diana Faillace - -
terrific, well planned routine
Perfect upon Waking!
Melissa Buyer - -
Great movement and strength building! Thank you!
Great Way To Start The Day
Sandra Shields - -
Love this class. Makes me feel fantastic! Thanks David!