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Favorite found!
Otter R. - - (edited)
Vytas Baskauskas your classes are amazing. Perfect class, ACHE
Susan D. - -
I love Vytas' classes - so glad I discovered him online. This one is dare I say perfect?! Enough flow and then the HOLDS! They are long but worth it. I feel so energized and alive! THANK YOU Vytas!
Tai C. - -
This was one of my top three favorites Vytas! Thanks!
Wow- Love this!
Kathleen Y. - -
This is such a great class. Just enough cues and instruction to go at our own breath. Some classes you feel you need to keep up and lose your breath - not this class. A must class!
excellent practice
Bridget T. - -
love this well rounded practice. I love vytas and his classes
No meaningless chatter!
Nanette W. - -
Love this guy .....I find it "work" sometimes just to have to sit through some of the wordy commentary that feels unnecessary with other instructors. This allows me not to have to work past annoyance and just focus on the work itself. Thank you....oh yeah, great voice:-)
Miranda B. - -
Yeeesss!! This class is just amazing. I hope to take a class with Vytas in person some day. I can't thank you and MyYogaWorks enough for the public service of online yoga classes!!
Allegra B. - -
LOVED every second of this challenging class. More like this please, Vytas.
Jenny B. - -
What a wonderful class! I felt amazing after and really enjoyed it! Great instruction on alignment and focus. Thank you!!
wow and ahhh
Kate T. - -
Vytas, you never disappoint! Fantastic mix of basic flow and basic LONG held poses. A great practice to keep focus, work good form and breath control. Thank you!!!
Megan M. - -
Love this class.. I really enjoyed all the pointers, especially about posture. I feel like my vasisthasana is so much more well aligned! Thank you Vytas!
Betsy L. - -
This was a really great class_ great cues, gentle voice, good work Thank you!
Tara H. - -
This was truly a great class... challenging, yet very balancing both physically and emotionally. Thank you :)
Movement vs. Stillness
Sherri F. - -
Great class with excellent instruction. I'm a teacher and picked up lots of tips that I'll use in my own class. it might be nice in future to have a class where one of your students is a bit less flexible . . . and maybe even older! :)
Great Cardio/Strength Combo
maggie m. - -
This was awesome-- Gave me a great mix of sweaty cardio to get my workout in for the day, and also some strengthening and toning. Doing the slow, intentional version first gave my muscles the perfect set-up to move right into the right alignment the second you get there in the faster flow. I really enjoyed this class... wish there were more with this format! (Just different poses each time)
Dorothy W. - -
Holy smokes, vytas!!This is another great class - thank you! I can always count on a solid practice with you. Don't think I ever shook as much while holding warrior II, and trikonasana felt oh so good x2. Thx again!
Jana B. - -
Great class. A lovely blend of hard work and lots of stillness. I did this practice later in the evening and feel very calm. It's a perfect flow class for later in the day. Thanks Vytas!