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Stephanie H. - -
This was a nice relaxing sequence, but it should not be listed as Level 2.
Hina H. - -
Not a vinyasa class. Good stretches. Way too much talking. Should definitely be relisted
No sweat
Megan M. - -
Was looking for a sweat in a short time. Didn't happen. Mostly stretches. Way too much talking. .
Katie W. - -
I appreciated very much the teacher's care. As with others, I don't feel that this was what I was hoping for this morning as I had searched for a vinyasa class. Also, for me, less cueing would've been supportive in my efforts to reflect. Nonetheless, thank you, Kim for guiding us through this practice! Much appreciated!
Good class!
Hannah L. - -
Enjoyed the instruction and feel of this short class.
Should not be in the Vinyasa category or Level 2
Stephanie L. - -
While I appreciated the cuing, this class was listed in a search for Level 2 Vinyasa, it is neither in any way, should be re-listed. Thank you.
precise instructions
Karineh M. - -
Beautifully executed instructions without too much fluff . thank you
Just what I need
Nick P. - -
This class is as close to perfection as it gets for me. For someone who still struggles finding a daily practice, Kim's class is a perfect fit. Short enough where I can't justify not doing it, but Kim's teaching style and wisdom make this class both physically invigorating but also somehow finds space for introspection and quieting the mind.
Matthew F. - -
This is my current daily practice. The Kriya aspect and twisting is amazing! I hope everything feels my love as much as I feel Kim's at the end of this sequence. And shout out to Catherine from SF. It's been too long.
More of a stretching
Chris S. - -
This was a lot of stretching- not much else.
Right on time
LaQuita H. - -
This is what I needed seeing I haven’t gotten on my mat since November (ie when it got cold here in the Midwest). No sun salutations. Just looooong stretches. This is added to my fav’s and the Kims voice is pleasant to listen to.
Natasha A. - -
This was a beautiful class. I loved the slower flow. I was able to enjoy and experience every pose. I will definitely be back for more.
Not really a flow
Charlene R. - -
I was looking for a level 2 "flow" class not a class of only a handful of poses with long holds. I would say this is more of a level 1 class and more of a strength and stretch then a flow. I thought the title was misleading. I personally didn't enjoy the class but it was probably because I was looking for something totally different.
Catherine J. - -
Stephanie L. - -
could not agree more, this class is labeled or categorized incorrectly for sure!
Very relaxing; not challenging
Ilana L. - -
Good class if you're looking to stretch, bring in awareness, and relax. I would call this level 1, not 2.
Wake Up Call
Perla A. - -
This is a wonderful quick practice to start your day in a positive relaxed way!
sandy D. - -
This class is a great way to start of finish your day! Thank you so much!
quick love
Rachel C. - -
This is a great class if you’ve only got a short amount of time to practice. Draws your attention inward with long holds, great focus on breathing and builds heat and strength in a short amount of time. I personally love Michelle’s instruction in this class. Ill be back for this one!
Roland H. - -
Great class. This was a great way to ease back into yoga especially after the holiday break. I feel great and relaxed. Thank you!
Jivamukti Style
Marah L. - -
This class follows the classic Jivamukti Style, with the sequence of "Magic Ten" in the beginning, including the inversion. While I love Jivamukti, this is not what I expect from a YogaWorks class. As a matter of fact, I came back to Myyogaworks today after a long time of abstinence precisely because I wanted to get a break from Jivamukti Style classes - which is what is mainly taught where I live - and reconnect to the YogaWorks style of teaching. Overall, I consider the YogaWorks style a better fit for my body and the safer way to practice.
Mairin S. - -
I tried this practice after waking up and it was not a good fit for my morning back, which really benefits from the repetition of sun salutations. I would recommend this more for those who have been up and about, maybe at lunchtime or after work.
Fary Z. - -
Feeling much better. Great way to feel centered and relaxed again. Class was wonderfully relaxing. Thank you.
Paula L. - -
Getting back into exercise after baby. Very relaxing and helpful! Felt. Great during the stretches!!
Gina O. - -
Thank you so much for the depth of your practice and teaching. I follow many of your videos - your pacing, presence, and voice are clear, concise, respectful and supportive.
Nice change of pace
Cecile D. - -
Nice mellow practice where I can attend to the breath. I’m working on that so this was helpful. I appreciate the break from sun salutations. Cueing was clear and also helpful.🙏🏾
Thank you, just what I needed..
Shannon D. - -
This is a great mellow practice and just what I needed. I agree it feels more like a Level 1/2 than a 2. And, Linda's comment about your voice is so untrue, I've been a pilates instructor for 17 years and have worked with many instructors, her comment was just unnecessary, rude and ego driven.
Kristine C. - -
That was wonder after a long work day, perfect for a rest day. My back muscles loved this after hunchingbat a computer. I feel taller 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Loved this practice!
Sonia G. - -
...and no sun salutations. I very much liked the long holds on the positions. Hope we get more of this type of practice.
Annette R. - -
good class if you dont want to sweat. I would say it is more a level 1 or 1 1/2. Very basic. I would do it more so at night to wind down
Linda H. - -
I am a certified yoga teacher of 18 years experience. I was taught to only practice inversions at the end of the class. I also think her verbal direction is to loud she reminds me of a aerobic instruction
Nice stretch sequence
Jen M. - -
Interesting that we did headstand at the beginning. I was worried that my body wasn’t warmed up enough, but it was actually better to do it when the muscles are not too fatigue like Kim said. I didn’t break a sweat either - good session after a run or workout.
Anna P. - -
Really lovely practice- thank you
Focus on Breath
Emily V. - -
This was a really calming practice with a lot of focus on the breath. Exactly what I needed since I was feeling quite anxious this morning.
Will use this in the evening
Andria B. - -
Beautiful relaxing class. I didn't break a sweat (which I do prefer in the mornings) so I will add this to my evening workout class list.