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Mary G. - -
This was a great, energizing class. Many thanks!
Good Strong Flow
Claudia L. - -
Wow, what a great class. Flow was well thought out, I love her teaching style!! I felt I was in YW studio practicing. Thank you
Perfect balance of strong and calm!
Kayla E. - -
Thank you, loved this!
Creative, fresh flow, warm up on your own first
Erika P. - -
I really liked the creativity and the transitions of this flow. I would not recommend this as your first movement of the day without warming up on your own first- some cat/cows, down dogs with pedaling, and half-flows to get the body moving first would make this feel a lot better. Other than that I liked the cuing and the fact that the instructor didn't talk too much.
my favorite class on my yoga works
Dominique R. - -
i just love this class so much. it's a great one to repeat. i wish jessica had more videos - i love her style. thank you.
Brian C. - -
Strong fun flow
Great and tough flow
Sydney S. - -
I loved this flow, the cuing was the right amount and the intensity was great. Added to my favorite playlist
Refreshng and creative sequence!
Cathy S. - -
New favorite! Highly engaging and perfectly balanced! Will be enjoying this practice again soon <3
Great flow
Nan T. - -
Loved this class! Perfect balance of strength and variation. Thank you!
Katie R. - -
Delightful practice with just the right pacing and cues.
Barbara L. - -
GREAT class thank you
Well balanced flow
Theresa M. - - (edited)
Did this class in the morning with the sun shining! Perfect amount of effort and variation for me. Excellent cuing as well.
Fun Power Flow!
Alejandra M. - -
Loved this flow! It had great instructions and modifications and made me feel strong and energized!
FLOW and GLOW :)
Meghan S. - -
I have taken this flow class more than 5 times.. I really appreciate this "GO TO" video. The teacher's instructions are so easy for me to follow. I love the options, ease, and opportunity for a challenge if I'm up for it! :)
Perfect Flow
Jessica E. - -
Great change to my usual flows. Good pace, really solid.
Katie R. - -
What a wonderful way to start the day!
Great end of week workout!
Achala U. - -
This really helped decrompress me after a long work week. Perfect, gentle instruction too, with plenty of modifications.
Nice Stretch
Dana B. - -
Lots of twists and leg stretches. Gentle and fun
Wonderful Flow
Nhora A. - -
Amazing instruction! Thank you
Love the Everything about this flow!
Bangone B. - -
Perfect class! I was sweating! Great Instructions and the two models are wonderful, too!
Colleen H. - -
Great all around class with just enough instruction. Will definitely be a staple flow class for me!
Allen L. - -
I really enjoyed this class. Just what I needed today. Your directions were clear and easy to follow without looking at the screen. And the flow was inventive and good. Thank you very much!
Love the twists
Jeanne Y. - -
Great, all around class in 55 minutes! I love all the twists. My back feels great after this class. I really appreciate 2 demonstrators, with one giving modifications. This will be a regular for me. Thanks!!
Enrique A. - -
Great class. Thank you!!
love the twists
Mary C. - -
Really liked the flow. I extended the chavasana for myself for several more minutes
Virginia G. - -
Great class!
Very Balanced
Jessica E. - -
I really loved this flow, very opening and energizing. I do wish there was more of a warm up stretch in beginning. Highly recommend!
Amazing flow!
Linda C. - -
Energizing, relaxing and a good workout! Uplifting! Jessica is the BEST!
Really All Over Great Workout
Sharon V. - -
And tough too I really felt it. The meditation at the end was incredible. 👍
Good flow
Julie T. - - (edited)
Lots of good twists and a good leg workout. It starts with a few breaths and then jumps right into some ab work, but I wish it was a slower start with a little more hamstring stretching before all the leg work. It wasn't slow by any means, but it also wasn't quite as fast as I expected.
Ziba Behnam
Ziba B. - -
Thank you Jessica. I miss your Monday night practice.
SJ S. - -
I am so thankful for yoga right now. I tried this video for the first time - and my first time using at-home workout videos - and this flow is wonderful. I felt human after this class, and I'm officially hooked! Jessica: You're amazing.🙏🏻
Nice Pose Flow
Lise S. - -
Good challenging poses with a little bit of a twist (literally and figuratively). Nice flow from pose to pose in ways that are a little bit different.
Very helpful for self-quarantine!
Julie S. - -
Thank you, Jessica for an invigorating yet soothing class. Very much needed in this trying time.
Sandra J
Sandra S. - -
You are an amazing teacher!:) so glad I can do your class in the space of my home. Thank you:)🙏🏼❤️
Ericka N. - -
This is a fun and challenging class! Thanks!
Kendall M. - -
This class was a challenging, thorough, and invigorating flow for my morning! A good mix of classic and unique sequencing. Will definitely be revisiting this one! Thank you, Jessica :)
My Favorit flow
farideh e. - -
Wonderful glow Absolutely thoughtful n strong Thank u Jessica
Anthony A. - -
Jessica you are an amazing teacher!
Loved it
Jalon F. - -
Excellent class :)
Elise E. - -
Thank you, Jessica! Loved this sequence, your cueing, and the guided meditation at the end. xo
Sara M. - -
This might be my most favorite class that I've ever taken. Love it so much! it has everything.
Elizabeth R. - -
I adore this class,! I find myself doing it weekly!
Amanda C. - -
Thank u Jessica for such a lovely class! Fluid, clear instructions, great sequencing and energising namaste Amanda
Lisa D. - -
Nice complete class!
Loved it!!
Aoife O. - -
More classes from Jessica, please!!!
Love this
Miette L. - -
Almost as good as taking your class in person (but not quite ;) ). Thank you so much for creating this!
All videos and classes.
Prativa K. - -
Thank you so much.
My Flavorful Flow
Prativa K. - - (edited)
Hello Jessica, Katie, and Stephanie, Thank you so much for this amazingly challenging session for me and others. I love the guided meditation during Savasana too. I am really glad that I made myself practice with you and be taught by this morning. It is only 7:21 a.m. and I am done. Well, I have been up since 3 a.m. today. What a nice way to begin my day. May all of us be happy, safe, well, loved, be forgiven, and protected in our journeys. With my immense gratitude, Prati
Love this Flow!
Nancy G. - -
This session was just right for a fun, heat generating, challenging flow. There are also lots of opportunities to modify to turn the heat down a bit. Love you, Jessica!!
Quite the workout
Lyndsey H. - -
Did find a little confusing but sure after next time will be clearer, do lan to do again when I am looking for a full vi has a workout
Jami W. - -
If you are seeking longer holds, classic postures to grow deeper into, focused meditative practice, this is not that class. I was frustrated at first but remembered as a yogi to accept where I am and breathe through my frustrations and unexpected happenings. I was then able to embrace this class for its unexpected differences and flow at my pace, maybe skipping a few postures to hold something longer and then catch up. Do what is right for your body, breathe, make the most of this wonderful opportunity and expression. Only you allow things to impact choose how! Thank you Jessica for sharing. Namaste.
I am level 5 and 60 minut
Zejna N. - -
Level 3
Ken M. - -
love love love this so much fun!! great fantastic instructor and I so agree with back bending although I do love them I agree with that it feels amazing to come down and how you so do not want to come back up. thank you!!!
Loved this class!
Kristi C. - -
Fantastic workout. Flow is great and challenging.
Jessica S. - -
Thank you Kristi.
Great class!
Francisca R. - -
Very fun and challenging. Some instructions were a little bit confusing at times, but overall very nice and well rounded. Thanks Jessica!
Lovely teacher, lovely flow
Kera D. - -
You’ll work hard in this class but Jessica has a gentle, calming way about her and that makes all the difference. Lots of movement without a ton of long long holds. Options to go further make this a good class for intermediate and more experienced practitioners. Short and sweet meditation at the end wraps up the class nicely.
Great class
Kristen M. - -
Just the right amount of challenge. Only wish the cinematography was clearer. Everything was in shadows .
My. Flavorful Flow
Prativa K. - - (edited)
Hello Jessica, Katie, and Stephaine, First of all, are. you the same Katie and Stephaine that I had in our 300 hour Philosophy workshops with Erika Burkhalter.? Anyhow, thank you so much for being the terrific examples. Jessica, this sequence and other sequences in Mission Vijeo Studio in person make me feel uplifted, inspired, reflective, on and off the mat. I appreciate how you spent your priceless and precious time responding to Megan' s comments about being confused and frustrated. I think that it reflects the kind of teacher and person. you are. Thank you Jessica, Katie, and Stephaine for the amazingly flavorful video. I. realize that we as human beings. are are drawn to various flavors, or bland things in life. For instance, the flavorful food that I prepare spending hours will not be flavorful for my my Anglo brothers in laws who are drawn to Polliy's pies, cookies, ham, hamburgers, french fries, biscuits a, gravy, muffins, etc etc. You got the pictures? Yes. Anyway, I say, my. In laws are like the weather I wear more layers, fewer larers, carry an umbrella or not depending upon the needs. I have resigned to this fact. Thank you so much for your calming voice too. I. am amazesed me how effortlessly you create your sequences that. are cohesive and flow well. Sincerely, Prati
Jessica S. - -
xx :)
Prativa K. - -
Hello Jessica, Nice to see you the other day in Costa Mesa. Thank you for the nice and warm hug. Until next time. Thank you again for the amazing videos and classes. Namaste, Prati
Nice, challenging, flow!
Laura S. - -
I definitely sweat during this flow. I hadn’t taken a class with this teacher so didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised! I agree with another commenter who describes the class as “energizing vinyasa” :)
Jessica S. - -
Thank you Laura.
Megan M. - -
This class was super confusing . It moved so quickly that i could not figure out what i was supposed to be doing! The only feeling this class leaves me with is frustration!
Jessica S. - -
Hi Megan, I'm sorry you felt frustrated, that is the last thing I'd want. This is called flavorful for a reason, lots of different movements. I have a lot of other easier to follow classes and more coming soon, happy to take requests. Wishing you the very best. Namaste.
Name says it all!
Vyoma J. - -
Wonderful all rounder sequence. Energizing vinyasa :-)
Meridith J. - -
I loved this class!!! Just the right amount of challenge- I felt strong and energized afterwards.
spring break session
Anne-Marie E. - -
Just what I needed to get the heat going. I liked that it started and ended with core strengthening. Some of these poses and the way they are sequenced really made me focus and work hard.
Taz B. - -
What a fun and refreshing class. Energetic and fantastically instructed. My new favorite Thank you!
My Flavorful-flow
Prativa K. - -
The title makes me smile from within. It is an excellent sequence.
My Flavorful-flow
Prativa K. - - (edited)
It is amazingly flavorful indeed! I love it. Thank you so much.