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Mike A. - -
Second the comments of many others on here that this felt like a much longer class. Really enjoyed it, thanks.
Great Class
TA F. - -
Fast paced. Poses not held for long. On the easier side of level 2. Very talented instructor. Moves very quickly but keeps focus. Clear instructions. Solid flow class.
Best Instructor on Here
Alison G. - -
I wish that he would do more classes of this length or longer. His cueing is well paced and not distracting (like so many others). It’s not difficult but pleasant to do. I would take any of his classes.
Good and Plenty
Justin O. - -
This was a solid yoga session. I got my heart-rate up and I broke a sweat. Ideal for those who have limited time for a class.
Jennifer S. - -
I finished this flow, followed by a five minute shavasana and am feeling fantastic! Good level 2 for days when you have other things to do and don’t want to be fatigued! It hits all the right places. Great cues, really good flowing instruction. I’ll be doing this one regularly. Thank you to the instructor- well done.
Marie W. - -
My New Favorite Flow
Lashley P. - -
Some of the best cueing I've ever experienced. Loved the pacing. My idea class length 😁
Jennifer S. - -
My thoughts exactly!
Eda E. - -
Felt like a full hour-can't wait to take more of your classes. Thank you!
Perfect Lunch Break
British W. - -
LOVED this class!! I am getting back into the groove and enjoyed the amount of time, the poses and the flow of the class. This was perfect for some yoga on the patio during my work break.
Anna M. - -
A really nice balanced flow. I'm surprised how much he was able to accomplish in such a short class. I feel like I just completed a much longer practice.
More Danni Vinyasa Flow Classes Please!
Melissa M. - -
This class is my favorite! I do it over and over, but wish it was slightly longer and wish there were a few more so I don’t have to keep repeating the same class. Danni is the best!
The best so far!
Yulice K. - -
I sincerely enjoyed Danni's clear, concise, and simple direction with the explanation of what is happening in the body. It was challenging but not vigorous. There was a perfect harmony in the flow with many emphasis put into each pose. Thank you! Enjoyed very much.
great cues
Melody H. - -
awesome instruction - loved being able to follow the class with my eyes closed, just listening to the verbal cues. feel terrific after this class!
Linda W. - -
Excellent shorter flow when you don't have time for more.
Great Flow Class!
Elizabeth K. - -
Danni's flow routine covers all the basics in just over 1/2 hour. Great class to get one moving and/or if you're pressed for time. Thanks, Danni!
Great flow for the morning
Sergio R. - -
I really liked this fast moving class that woke me up, stretched my muscles and pushed me.
Great morning flow
Maricela H. - -
Thank you! This was the perfect way to get up and go when my morning motivation was slow. : )
John H. - -
I appreciated the guidance throughout, especially reminders about appropriate positioning and centering on breath. loved this one!
Lindsay J. - - (edited)
Challenging and fiery! Clear instructions; I was able to do (almost) the entire series listening without look at my phone. I even lol’d a few times! Perfect start to my morning :)
positive attitude Danni
Susan A. - -
It's hard to face doing a yoga session almost every day, but Danni is so upbeat and gentle. It's like he knows some things are hard, but we can do it.
Nice simple flow
Lauren M. - -
moves weren't too complicated, it was fast and really a perfect post run flow!!! Just what I needed!
Trinette F. - -
Well rounded workout.
Marissa T. - -
Great sequence! Definitely a true "level 2" class with familiar poses, and great reminders of breath and alignment throughout the video, though not too difficult and no inversions. Not too much talking at all! Danni's positive attitude, even virtually, is definitely is felt in my living room. Hope someday to take a class in person! Thank you, Danni, for your commitment to a full-body, well-rounded flow!
Non stop talk
Taz B. - -
The sequence itself issolid but there is literally constant rapid talking start to finish.
Great class!
Kristina O. - -
Great pace, perfect sequence! Thanks, Danni.
Barbara L. - -
Great class great instructor
Fast Paced Fun
Judith M. - -
Enjoyed this not so hard but fast basis asanas
Short sell rounded
Lyndsey H. - -
Even though short , covered lot of ground easy to follow
Upbeat Flow
Jo F. - -
I love Danni's classes! Was introduced to Danni's upbeat delivery style during the initial Yogaworks/live streaming, which kept me going during early days of the pandemic quarantine. His "My Go To Full Body Flow" is an efficient breath to movement flow. Try it again and again and fall in love. Danni does a great job with Restorative as well.
love this class!
Laura B. - -
Great shorter class! Feel great after this class!
Talks way too much
Leo H. - - (edited)
Was my least favorite class on this site so far. He does not give a single second of silence the entire video and makes it difficult to focus on the moves. Yogi Beware.
Well-rounded class
Holly M. - -
This is a very nice, well-rounded class for a shorter class. Loved it.
My Go to Full Body Flow
Christine P. - -
Excellent step by step instruction. Great flow to get the heart rate elevated and body moving in a short period of time.
Excellent all-around flow
Tamara W. - -
Loved the pace of this class and the fact that it worked all the joints evenly. Great hip-opener! GREAT instruction!
Katie R. - -
Excellent well-rounded practice for when your time is limited
Quick Moving Vinyasa!
Angela Y. - -
Loved this - all the basics, but at a quick pace to get the heart rate up. Options to go deeper for more stretch.
Love this class!
Elizabeth K. - -
Inspired to find more classes by Danni. Terrific full body flow class in a short amount of time.
Great class
Whitney W. - -
Good variety, and good instruction.
Perfect time just right for me!!!!!
Elizabeth M. - -
Personal preferences are always key and i loved this instructor and the type of class he guided me through!!!
Too FAST to follow
Weilan Y. - -
I'm taking this session for the first time, and I found the instructor going to fast. It's hard follow.
Well rounded....
Sabah M. - -
Wonderful class , well rounded Thank you
Great class
Jacqueline S. - -
Thank you.
Lovely Class
Elizabeth K. - -
Danny keeps it moving. Great class when you're short on time. Clear explanations and guidance through a lovely flow practice.
Mercedes C. - -
I really enjoyed this class. Thank you!!!
Very solid and supportive level 2
Elizabeth C. - - (edited)
Great practice if you’re short on time but want a full body stretch and workout. I paired this with a 20 minute morning jog which was a nice combo. Super instructor - just a personal preference thing - he literally talks the entire class. There is zero quiet or opportunity to just drop into yourself. The cueing is legit but I found it to be excessive. Still, appreciate the class and would repeat. Just FYI - I don’t think this is a drop into your own consciousness kind of experience.
Great well-rounded class!
Lisa D. - -
A nice, complete class. A favorite!
great class
Marcie P. - -
Perfect cadence, blend, and timing...great for after an aerobic workout also!
Another great class!
Michael K. - -
This was my third class and it's been several years since I've done yoga. This was a perfect blend of moving, workout and calming focus, just what I needed. Thank you!
Great class!!
MariaJose B. - -
I really enjoy this wonderful class. How complete it is! The asanas, the straightness, the rhythm! It is just right for what I need. Thank you so much.
Becoming a favorite
Marietta B. - -
I notice that I chose this class because it is a great combination of flow and strength. 36 minutes is also an ideal length when you aren't sure how much you can handle. Danni's voice and pace is perfect.
Well rounded!
Corinne O. - -
Love this go to class....! Those 3 hours of chair pose are awesome! 😂
Good class but more in between Level 1 and 2
LAILA E. - -
I really enjoyed this class. Brought a good mix of calm and stretching but only got the heart rate up slightly. I felt it was more of a level 1.5 but will return when I want a more mellow practice.
Perfect mini flow!
Hannah M. - -
This is a great class! Danni does an incredible job of ensuring you link your breathe with movements, and he moves at a nice pace. Not too difficult, and so enjoyable it only felt like 10 min! Def work this into your practice on those shorter days :)
My favorite class!
C B. - -
I have been doing this class for over a year! Perfect instruction. I never need to look at the video. I have increased to 5 days a week and feel great!
Comforting and Strengthening
Jenay R. - -
I never did online yoga until the COVID-19 crisis and I was only doing yoga once a week at my gym. Housebound for three weeks now, I have done Danni's class many times. It's the perfect mix of strengthening moves and that wonderful zen feeling. Danni's instructions are very clear and helpful. I am grateful to have this resource right now as I live alone and the yoga adds structure and comfort to my day...and I am seeing the difference with the muscles in my arms and stomach:-) Thank you Danni!
Good little clip
Maria A. - -
Only 36 min but Danni has a good pace for this class. It's a good in between beginner / intermediate level 30 min class. Worth the time! Maybe don't cut off the sivasana at the end?
Leon D. - -
Leon 4/4/20 Great class Danni
Paige S. - -
Great class!
Carmen R. - -
Work with AirPlay before, how can a do it again
Good class!
Lee P. - -
Had everything I needed...but the airplay option! Where did it go? Now I can’t play my classes on the Apple TV and that’s a bummer
Roberta P. - -
Same issue as already reported
Videos aren’t playing
Hyacinths P. - -
Can you guys pl help fix the issue asap
VIdeos dont play anymore!
Navin S. - -
Same problem as another user noted
Videos not playing
Elizabeth K. - -
Tech support much appreciated: Videos aren't playing. I have high speed internet. Tried different browsers. Site loads but videos don't play. Please help and namaste!
Trinette F. - -
Really enjoyed this class. The right balance of stretching with strength work.
My go to class
Barbara P. - -
This is my go to class. I love it. I'm still working on certain poses that Danni covers, like side plank and half moon and I'm getting better. Great for anytime and especially these day when we cannot go into the studio. Thank you!
Solid 36 minutes, easy level 2
Julie T. - -
This class would be a good introduction to level 2, or for days where you want an easy flow with a little less challenge (like I did today). It's short and sweet but the vinyasa are overall pretty easy. I did break a sweat during the long holds, but then again I'm always trash at long holds 😂 Overall will only be coming back to this for days I wake up super tired but want to get SOMETHING in!
Just enough talking
Jennifer T. - -
My favorite class so far. He provides enough instruction to guide you but doesn't break down every single movement ad nauseum. Thank you!
Dorit K. - -
Just enough of everything to feel awake and engaged. A great start to my day. Thank you.
Kate S. - -
A great get me going practice. Paused before svasana to get in a little crow practice. Thank you for this as we keep safe.
Samantha A. - -
This was a perfect end to my day. The teacher seems to come from a caring place too... yes!
Thank you Danni!
Gabi M. - -
Really helps to have the familiarity and polish of your class while sheltering at home. My second time doing your class this week, and my teenage daughter joined me and loved it as well. You're awesome.
Robin M. - -
Love this one!
Love this class
Dani H. - -
I keep coming back to this because I love it. And sometimes I try others and they just don't compare so I just come back here. But I hope I find another I like as much. I wish there were ratings. Didn't there used to be ratings? Stay safe out there.
Exactly what I needed
Julie M. - -
Short and sweet , now back to this quarantine routine . Stay safe everyone:) Namaste
Loved it
Sherry I. - -
Wonderful short 36 minute class - just what i needed
Susan A. - -
Absolutely wonderful.
Virtual yoga instructor works!
Michelle D. - -
Practicing social distancing while still getting yoga in. This is awesome. Thank you!
Mark D. - -
Great class, Is there a way to add music to the online classes?
Jen R. - -
Totally loved it!!! Great study break!!
Perfect at home practice!
Angela D. - -
Thank you for a great online class. Instruction and pace were perfect!
First online class ever
Audrey W. - -
This was so much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. A little silver lining in this Covid19 cloud.
Love it!
Melissa C. - -
Thank you, Danni! I haven't practiced in more than a week, and this was a perfect re-introduction.
Michelle W. - -
Great way back after a week off, well rounded...
Michelle B. - -
Nice class!
Frank L. - -
Excellent class!
Perfect Flow
Erin K. - -
Great way to get back into my groove due to the cancellation of the classes at the studio. Appreciate it! Thank you:)
Really good.
Evelyne E. - -
Perfect level two class.
Susan D. - -
I really felt I had a whole yoga practice in this 36 minute session. Great instruction, great pace. I felt my body wake up and move enough. Sometimes these short level two classes are not quite enough. I am ready to start my day! Thank you Danni!
Love this class!
Nanci J. - -
Thank you so much Danni, My first online yoga class that I feel like it was connected, well rounded and complete! I look forward to more classes with you
Sarah F. - -
Great morning flow and loved that Sun C was added in !
Kendra G. - -
Danni your pacing, your voice, the clarity in cuing - incredible. My twenty years of practice in a studio and trying to find a class online now has been a struggle to find the perfect teacher and your it! I feel fortunate - thank you!
Got it goin’ ON!
Nori S. - -
This class was perfect 👌🏽! Exactly what I needed! Danni has. Got. It. Goin’. On!
Desiree C. - -
Highly recommend this class. Great flow and well rounded for a short amount of time. Instructor was clear and concise with poses so didn't have to watch for poses. Sound quality great.
Great Flow
Pam R. - -
A really great flow to start the day-- gets your heart pumping and your body open, but not so intense that it wears you out
Great Class ;-)
Crystal K. - -
This class has a fantastic flow - loved it ;-)
Nori S. - -
2 thumbs up 😁
Angie R. - -
Love this class. Good speed. Perfect flow and stretch
Fantastic Class!
Amie M. - -
I thought this class covered quite a bit in 30 minutes. Perfect amount of cueing poses for Level 2 without wasting time. Thank you so much!
Great class
laura c. - -
Thank you so much for making my morning with this amazing yoga sequence!
Charmaine K. - -
Love the class and time, my go to when I can't go to a physical yoga class.
Diane V. - -
Love this class. Perfect balance of flow and stretch.
Fave class for a Monday
Kelsey W. - - (edited)
Great pace and class length after long work days.
Great class
Lisa D. - -
Great sequence! Truly full body flow.
Helen C. - -
Agree, amazing pace and great direction. my new favorite class
Too fast
Nikki T. - -
He talks so incredibly fast it made the tone of this video hastey and anxious for me. Couldnt finish after the first minutes of practice
Valery M. - -
Go to class
Harriet K. - -
this is a perfect go to class if you want to cover all the basics and feel great. Works for any level (most advanced poses are side plank and half moon). I like that the pacing is a bit slower than some other vinyasa classes - I really prefer to express the breath more fully as I move through the flow.
Too much instruction
Kristi C. - -
Good flow but not level 2. Too much instruction
Cristina C. - -
Clear instruction and perfect mix of challenge and flow in a short amount of time. Lovely! Namaste.
Perfect practice
Sharon R. - -
This truly is my favorite class. I love Danni’s energy, great alignment guidance, and perfectly paced breathing cues. This class has almost all the warriors including reverse and humble, it has great twists and beautiful transitions. I keep coming back to this class since it is fun and challenging with a perfect mix of holding poses and flowing and it leaves me feeling both energized and calm. Thank you, Danni!
36 mins to being well breathed
Susan V. - -
really good, clear instruction. Great for when I've got less time to practice than usual (feel well breathed in just 36 mins!)
didn't miss a beat...
Christine C. - -
Ok that was awesome -little challenges but a complete class! Thanks you Danni!
Tune up for my form
Alexis H. - -
Fast pace with instruction to tune up my form. Even with years of yoga in my bones, it's great to get reminders about best practice. Thanks for the clear instructions in a fast-paced full body workout.
Great class
Caitlin G. - -
I really enjoyed that - simple and powerful. It's the first yoga class I've done where I didn't check the clock halfway through!!!
Cristina C. - -
Very lovely! Namaste Danni! :-)
danni p. - -
Glad you liked it, Cristina! If you have any request reach out! @dannipomplun on Instagram
AQUA P. - -
This was my first My Yoga Works class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Fast and effective. Thanks
danni p. - -
Woo Hoo! Happy to hear it Aqua!
My fave!
laurie m. - -
I love this class! It is one I enjoy over and over. A complete workout!
Ramp up your day...sans caffeine!
Jean J. - -
The class gives a good full body stretch. Danni is a quick talker and quite energetic, so if you are coming from a day of meetings and want to slow the mind then I would look for a different class.
Exceptionally GOOOD
Feri W. - -
Thank you Danni. This session is a great improvement and a good pace. Enjoyed it very much.
Moira M. - -
Perfect class for morning or end of day when an hour class is not a possibility
So good!
Sarah S. - -
This class felt amazing! Such a good combination of strength and stretch, and a nice way to wind down at the end of the day.
Claudia M. - -
My favorite by far... Really good!
Great for getting back into yoga
Kristen F. - -
I've taken a month long hiatus from yoga and this class is perfect for getting back "into the flow of things". I definitely broke a sweat and was quickly reminded why I love this practice so much.
Patrizia M. - -
No surprises here, pretty straightforward practice, not quite a level 2. Lots of 'energetic' instuction.
Valerie S. - -
I think he talks too fast for a yoga class
A Favorite
Leigh R. - -
This class is quickly becoming a favorite when I need something quick and somewhat challenging. I would put it at a level 1.5, which is perfect for days when I am sore from other workouts or just don't have a super high energy level. Especially love humble warrior and pigeon. Danni's voice and cues are perfect, and I always feel great after this class!
Marvelous Michelle!
Kara B. - -
Marvelous Michelle! I slept in and didn’t make it to the class I had intended on going to this morning ....ugh Felt bad and then I remembered I could access online classes! I didn’t have a lot of time in this class was the perfect amount of time and just what I needed this morning! Push out has a soft soothing voice and great guided instruction .
Not really a flow
Kristi C. - -
This is more of a level 1.5 class introduction to flow. A lot of holding and explaining how to move from one position to the next. It’s a nice easy class but not a good class if your expecting a fast pace flow.
Perfect quick class
Beth P. - -
Great warm up with a single sequence toward peak pose. Perfect for a quick class (especially while baby naps). Thanks Danni!
Good Instructor, But Easy Level 2
Silva Y. - -
I was hoping to be challenged a little more. Overall good flow, but I barely broke a sweat.
Great Flow - Some cues I hadn't noticed before!
Kate G. - -
I liked how Danni cued some of the poses that I've done a million times and yet I learned some new things! For example, I noticed that in humble warrior, my front foot had a tendency to lean onto its outer edge instead of firming down through all four corners.
Corinne O. - -
This was an awesome easy to follow, didn’t have to look at my iPad! Loved it!
Michele D. - -
Love your style and cues.....thank you!!
Great wake up class!
jennifer n. - -
This was an awesome class, just enough of a challenge. Due to Danni's great verbal cues, I did not need to look at the screen more than once or twice. Highly recommend!
So happy I did it!
Olivia O. - -
The length was perfect and I really enjoyed Danni's sense of humor, as well as pacing. First time back to the mat in months and this was a great way to get back!
Love this!
Michaela T. - -
I really enjoyed this flow. It is a great full body work out. I’ve finished feeling energised and flexible and ready for the day. A great Monday morning workout. Thanks Danni
More classes please
Kimberly S. - -
Danni, Love your teaching style and cues. Please do a longer flow class!
I"m In Love
Charlene R. - -
Love Danni's cues and his pacing. I thought it was perfectly paced. It wasn't a hard level 2 but that's ok, I did break a sweat. My body was grateful for the flow and holds since it's been awhile since I've been on the mat. I already feel better!
Easy Level 2
Katherine S. - -
A good transition from level 1 - easier than some other level 2 classes. Nice overall flow!
Chrysdanye H. - -
love you
Chrysdanye H. - -
like you
What fun!
jeanne b. - -
Love the energy Danni brings to this class & his instruction. Great energizing sequence. will definitely put this in my playlist & look for his other classes! Namaste:)))
Echo that something is wrong
Jennifer B. - -
Whenever I attempted to play this video it shutdown on me.
Something is wrong
Arwa A. - -
The video plays like a broken record so many times...every few minutes. Please fix it 🙏🏼
Good first class
Jessica H. - -
Hi! This was my first class on MyYogaWorks and I enjoyed it. The only thing that I felt I was missing was a speed control. It started a little fast for me - I didn't get to really enjoy the breath. It would be awesome if there could be a slower and maybe even faster play speed like for audio books. There are days that I want to go slow and focus on the breath and other days that I want to be moving. Thanks!
Love this class
Betty K. - -
Love this class. Total work out and alway feel great after the class. Instructor is very good and very motivating. Hope he will offer more 45 - 60 min classes
Jessica C. - -
I thought that the class was more of a beginner style, and was a little too slow for my pace.
Great Basic Class - especially for a safe slow re-entry after a long absence!
Elizabeth V. - -
Just what I needed after a month off due taking care of a severely ill family member. Perfect reentry. Thank you!
Mild Flow
Vivian L. - -
Should be marked as level 1 in my opinion, but it's still a good flow. Didn't really break a sweat but it's a good full body warm up on a "rest" day. I liked Danni's constant instruction so that I didn't have to always watch the screen.
Great class to do while toddler is watching TV in the other room!
Charlotte M. - -
Not too demanding a class- perfect for me as I get back into class after a 5+year hiatus. I like his cues and direction. Didn't mind the talking. Short enough to do while child is distracted doing something else, long enough to feel stretched and a little challenged.
Great Class
Emma S. - -
Love the use of "tootsies"
Paige K. - -
My favorite class so far. I have been practicing yoga for a long time. I appreciate Danni's guidance and support throughout the practice!
A fine, quick stretch and warm-up
Katherine S. - -
A nice class to fit into your busy day - gets you warmed up and stretched out. I wouldn't choose it for a work-out where you want to sweat, but it is a good class and helps take off the edge of the day.
Well rounded class!
Claire L. - -
Great class, just enough time in each pose. Great flow, 3rd time I take this one, could really get into the flow! Thanks Danni!
Solid moderate class
Rowena M. - -
Great flow, I really warmed up. Also like it for days I don't have time for a full hour. Danni does give a lot of cues, but as I still consider myself a beginner I really appreciated. it.Especially when I couldn't keep my eyes on the tv the whole time.
If you like pigeon, take this one!
Julia C. - -
For the first half it seemed like a quicker paced Level I class to me. You start in child's pose, move into sun salutations, low lunges, warriors I and II, standing twists, and half moon. Around the 20 minute mark I felt really warm from moving from one pose to the next, but the rest of the class zipped by -- I think because of Danni's constant direction, which didn't bother me at all, and the faster pacing of the flow. (Other flow classes I've taken here on this level generate heat from holding poses for a long time versus moving quickly, but this was the opposite.) The best part was PIGEON! Unlike most of the poses in this class, you spend a good amount of time in pigeon. I felt like this class was totally doable and didn't need to modify much (other than a strap for my tight shoulders). You end with a couple bridge poses but not a full wheel.
It's almost like I'm in your live class
Maggie W. - -
...but you need more jokes :) Thanks Danni!!
Perfect start to the day
Charmaine W. - -
My first class! 5:30 am the day after a massive migraine and this was absolutely perfect. Exactly what I needed to reconnect and remind me that my body isn’t my enemy. Thanks Danni!
way too fast
Maisa M. - -
didn't like this one, it was way too fast and I didn't feel like it had a good flow.
Great Class
Elizabeth C. - -
Love the full body workout and flow. Namaste Danni!
Wonderful Class
Kristen M. - -
Perfect end to a day sitting too much. I personally appreciated the instruction. Soothing voice and clear instruction
Loved this!
Christine B. - -
this was the best one that I have done so far. Loved the instruction since I am very new to yoga. Thanks Danni.
Favorite Class
Shelley K. - -
I've tried several classes and this is my current favorite. Great sequence and does exactly what I want my yoga class to do. Very much looking forward to more from Danni.
Kathleen G. - -
Just joined this was my first class and loved it, great instructions and flow..
Great direction
Donna K. - -
I disagree that he talked too much. At times I could not look at the screen- his directions kept my flow going. Nice way to forget about hurricane Irma blowing outside!
Great Class
Hannah L. - -
Solid Level 2 sequence. Time went very fast. Dannie gives excellent instruction and tips.
Too much direction
Christie R. - -
Couldn't get into my zen with all the talking. Stopped after 11 min.
Jill H. - -
Loved this class; the perfect practice for where I am today! Thanks :)
Way Too Much Talking!
Emma S. - -
This was a decent class, but I will not be taking it again as Danni's cues were constant, often unnecessary, and extremely distracting. He even talked through shavasna!
Too much talking
Tanit L. - -
I love this sequence but he never stops talking. Repeating the same steps every time. Would prefer if he gave us a little more silence. Great class though!
Love Total Fitness Workout & My Go to Body Flow
Ingrid C. - -
Brandon & Danni made it fun & easy to practice yoga when I don't have an hour to devote to a class. Who says you have to go to an hour long class to benefit from yoga?
Solid morning routine
Toya W. - -
Very much enjoyed this sequence. Instruction was clear so I could focus on my breath and movement without seeing the class.
Thank you, Danni
Sue G. - -
Clear instruction allowed me to follow the flow without having to look at the screen. Quick, but not fast, pace created just the right amount of heat for this 36 min class. I look forward to taking it again tomorrow.
Great Class!
Bethanie P. - -
For those who consider power yoga to be the only yoga, I could see how they might think this is a gentle flow or level 1. But I thought it was appropriately labeled, well instructed and definitely well rounded for a shorter practice. I will seek out Danni's classes again in the future.
Rene R. - -
Danny's voice is firm but gentle and he gives great cues. Keeps you very mindful of your breath. I really, really enjoyed this class. Hope to do more of his classes.
Awesome, moderate class
Kera Z. - -
Lots of great instruction in this class. I built up quite a bit of heat though none of the poses were too advanced. Danny does a great job with cues and keeping you focused on the breath. Nice balance between strength building and mental focus. Loved pigeon at the end.
Gentle flow
Anthony D. - -
Great instruction for sure, lots of options make this great for all levels. Didn't work up a sweat this time however, my sinuses are now clear, I can breathe again and feel like my body has woken up with a gentle stretch. Thank you
This should be Level 1
Elizabeth F. - -
Unfortunately I think i wanted more of a power vinyasa flow class for the full body. This was easier than many of the beginner classes I've been to at other YogaWorks studios. I think the rating needs to be changed to Level 1. Hope to see more classes on here that will really make me work and help relieve some tension at the same time! Otherwise good intro class.
Maria R. - -
Great class! Excellent instruction and flow!
Renee W. - -
Great instruction. Perfect mix of moves and the timing. Not too much, not little. Well done.
Good Combination
Miriam M. - -
Loved it! Great flow and instruction without having to keep eyes on the screen.
Great Class!
Denah A. - -
Great class very accessible with challenging modifications if you need! Thanks!
Michelle R. - -
Love Danni's style. I feel revived, ready for the day, and open to receive. Namaste!
Charissa B. - -
Loved it...great instruction.
Rebekkah L. - -
This was my first Yogaworks class and I loved it! Great instruction and an extra bonus of laughing during the flow. Thanks, Danni!
Great class
Kristen M. - -
Quick sequence that leaves you feeling fabulous. Thanks!
Loved It!
Liz G. - -
This class was exactly what I needed today. I loved the pacing and Danni's style of teaching. Thank you!
Megan M. - -
Perfect! Great direction.
Megan H. - -
Loved this class! Has been my favorite so far! Great instruction!
Great anytime pick me up
Wendy P. - -
My new favorite short and sweet class. I was feeling a little meh this evening and this class was exactly what I needed. Lots of mindful movement and well rounded. Feeling so good afterward!
Great Short Flow
Leslie B. - -
Loved this class. Great instruction kept me moving and warmed me up.
All you need!
Meagan L. - -
Danni is a fantastic teacher, balancing an efficient work-out with gentle playfulness and ease. Excellent cue-ing, lightness in heart and humor, everything you need to get your body up and moving in a short amount of time. Five Star Flow!!!!!
A favorite for sure!
Anne O. - -
I enjoyed everything about his teaching style! My first time practicing with him. Will be back! Namaste!
Added to my favorites!
Amanda A. - -
Great short flow - just what I needed to connect, unwind, and have fun with the asana at the end of a stressful day. Thank you!
Mandi P. - -
My first time practicing with him and it was great. Really enjoyed this class and looking forward to more.
Annette R. - -
Loved this class and the instructor as well. Concise instruction without alot of extra chatter. Kept me mindful throughout the class allowing my focus to stay on my flow rather than the "talk".
Rebecca B. - -
Loved this flow! Great first thing in the morning.