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Nicole H. - -
I'm in an awkward stage of level 1 and level 2. This was great for that. It broke down those tough poses that aren't touched as much in level one such as Warrior 3, Half Moon, and Crow
Nora G. - -
I'm an older yogi. The thoughtful, slower transitions are a welcome change making it easier to modify positions and keep up with the class. I have enjoyed Yvonne's classes, until the recent closures of the studio on 6th ave due to the Corona virus. So happy I can continue practicing with her in this video.
The perfect 30 minute practice
Kirsten C. - -
Great instruction! Wonderful start to my day.
slow but energetic practice
Dina F. - -
Great instruction and nice even flow to this class. Really enjoyed this at the end of my day!
More Yvonne!
Fox B. - -
I took Yvonne's classes in San Francisco until I moved away, was so happy to see videos here! She is a fantastic teacher with very thoughtful and unique sequencing.
Great Morning Class!
Lisa D. - -
Enjoyable practice. Slow and thorough.
Betsy L. - -
Great class to start up again after a long hiatus from yoga.... loved it
Jake W. - -
I would love a full-length class (or 12) in this style from Yvonne. I like to practice for more than half an hour most days, but this is a great half hour!
loved it
Rick B. - -
hard for me to transition quickly into poses and this class was perfect for transitioning but challenging too.
Alicia G. - -
This is such a wonderful, well-rounded, and mindful practice. I so appreciate the slow focus on transitions that I often power through and miss out on activating areas that would make my practice so much stronger. Thank you!
Yay! Fun!
Sara C. - -
Yvonne knows how to mix it up! Some nice stretchy unexpected movements. Needed some out of the norm. Thank you!
Terrific way to be mindful of transitions, terrific cueing
Cecile D. - -
I appreciate Yvonne's teaching voice and use of language as she cues. This is one of those videos one can do over and again because the instructor's voice and cueing are well-balanced. It is also a great change of pace from the typical flows I seek out here.
Kellita T. - -
Loved the instructor and the class was perfect to get me grounded and ready to start my day.
Slow down and strengthen
Harriet K. - - (edited)
This was a nice departure from your typical energetic flow. Emphasis is on deliberate transitions that rely on strength rather than momentum.
Awesome class with a great instructor!!
laurie m. - -
Just what i needed this morning.