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Strong Class...
randi holland - -
Great instruction. Strong lower body challenges. And just enough flow. Kept me focused and interested throughout. Thanks Vytas!
great well-rounded practice
Bridget Truxillo - -
Another great class with Vytas. Vytas and his classes are awesome
nice sequence
Spyros Kontostanos - -
thank you
Perfect morning wakeup
Sally Tyben - -
Thank you! This was a great way to start my day. I'm feeling awake and open and much more motivated x😊
Equal time
Ree Tucker - -
Fantastic practice! One small note to practitioners: In the hip stretches at the end, the first side is not held as long as the second. Count your breaths if that is important to you.
Taz Burmeister - -
Another fab class thanks so much Vytas
not too many vinyasas
Bink Ink - -
i was burned out from some lifting and planned to skip the vinyasas but this class doesn't have many, it's a lot of lower body work. i used weights during the warrior poses, good stuff. thank you vytas.
classic vytas
Amy Garis - -
A wonderful classic Vytas class. A condensed version of the classes I used to take with him at Santa Monica Power Yoga. Challenging but accessible and a great balanced practice. By the way, the savasana is only about 2 mins long and comes after a full 60 min class, so not sure what the 10 min savasana comment is about....
Ken Martin - -
This class was perfect..I really lived all the variations of hip openers and the one legged crow on both sides that was really the lengths and the challenging class Vytas gives please more of these!!!!
Smart Class
Jami Woods - -
Hits everything just right...thank you!
great 60 min stretch
Sita Watanabe - -
Not too challenging, but it does get a few great peak poses. Great for a quick 60 minute (somewhat) flow class... thanks Vytas, you do good.
Stephanie Presti - -
More classes from Vytas like these please!! Namaste, Steph
Makes me love yoga
Anne Montana - -
For over 20 years been almost all cardio and could not get into yoga. It did not give me the endorphins or the feeling of a good workout. Vytas has changed that and I am now happily doing his sessions regularly and seeing the difference in my body and my running. Thank you.
Great class
Lisa Young - -
I was really impressed by the class and sequence. Very skillful teacher in helping the student get into difficult poses by building from the "ground up," Definitely a very challenging class and perfect for someone who has been practicing for a while or someone looking for a challenge. I would definitely take this class again.
Fantastic Class
Candyce tran - -
Great techniques and instructions! I can break out a sweat in this class. Love every minute of it. Time well spent. Thank you, Vystas!
Kate Tucker - -
Great flow, great challenge, great class! I actually got into Side Crow for the first time! Briefly but it was wonderful and I kept my breath calm. Vytas has a GREAT way of teaching! Just listen to his wonderful voice and breathe!
Andrea McCracken - -
thank you! great way to start the day!
Salvador Macias - -
Buttkicking class. Great instructor
Love it!
Shannon Doyle - -
This was a great, challenging flow, I worked up a good sweat and feel amazing. I appreciate Vytas' teaching style, very straightforward, clear and to the point. I'm an instructor so I appreciate great instruction. Thank you! Will be returning to this flow :)
Great flow
Kirstin Bliss - -
This is perfect for a morning of yoga. Energizing and ready to take on the day
super challenging
Athena Roque - -
This was great but kicked my behind! I may have challenged myself a little too much because I fell attempting some of the poses.
Level 3 or 2?
Matilda Viedgård - -
I'm a level 2 student and did this class because it says level 2 on the label, but discovered it was clearly a level 3 class. I had a great time anyway and got a good workout even though I skipped the exotic poses, but might be good to change the label so people don't get confused :)
level 3 labeled as level 2
Emily Slocum - -
that's all!
Lots packed into 1 hour
Connie Yilmaz - -
Fast paced flow with one inversion (handstand), back bends, and forward folds. Several crows at different times. Wish savasana were a bit longer but other wise great. Would love to have a 90 minute version with additional inversions, longer savasana, and maybe meditation to fill out the current sequence.
Dorothy Weiss - -
Concur 100% w /technology community ;) and, please girls, boys, women, men, ladies, gentlemen.....all about preference of speaker, knowing we can't please everyone -> All about that balance btwn effort and ease, or is it work or play??!!??!
Sweet class
Micah Hagan - -
I really enjoyed your class. A great way to start the day.
Great class!
Linda Gundelach - -
Thank you for this class. It was challenging, yet invigorating. Loved it.
Fantastic Level 3
David Roberts - -
This has become quite a staple for my at home practice! Thanks so much for a great flow. And I agree with another poster ... even though it was not intended to sound demeaning ... calling women Girls is a slightly grating.
Great overall Level 3
Anne Kernion - -
Loved this flow...I felt it the next day, and that's a good thing! But if I can ask one thing...PLEASE refer to the women as women, NOT girls. Sounds very demeaning, which I'm sure Vytas does not intend.
Powerful & Heart Centered
Debra Schmitt - -
Such a great well-rounded and even calming class. Vytas is one of my favorite teacher's...:) Yay!
Ely Karr - -
Great class, thank you- but it is mislabeled as a level 2 when in the video the instructor indicates that this is a level 3 video. Thanks again.
Shannon Harvey - -
Great class. Especially loved the tummy growling audio at the end.
Michelle Risley - -
Vytas,,,please make more well rounded one hour classes...this was perfect. It even included an inversion. Another Vytas favorite!!
Dorothy Weiss - -
Very nice skillfully-taught class. Vytas you keep it challenging but real with options to modify accordingly, e.g. doing vinyasas, bakasana variations, and basic seated poses. Sequencing is on-target as are cues. Certainly another fav of mine - thx!! Oh, is it a 2 (as listed) or 3 (as stated)??