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randi holland - -
that's the word that came to mind taking this class.. it's challenging.. slow but don't let it fool you. lots of strength and focus. really DELICIOUS!
Beautiful Class!
Lesley Hyatt - -
An evenly balanced and pitch perfect challenge. I really enjoyed this.
Annette Rallo - -
Love Patti's' calming voice and the sequencing of this class. Definitely on my favorites list!
Excellent Class
Maris Berzins - -
This is a tough, satisfying and well-paced flow. Love it!
A really nice, challenging flow
Julia Rhodes - -
I chose this video to open the parts of me that hold stress, and after not practicing for 8 days it was perfect for me. I was challenged to soften into poses that we often rush through and given balance with each addition to the flow. The teacher is calming and seems 100% approachable, and she offers plenty of modifications. Highly recommend!
Lively and energizing
Aniella Perold - -
I really enjoyed the energetic pace and feeling of this video and am feeling the benefits afterwards. There are a good number of sun salutations for those looking for a good flow class, as well.
true to its title
Patrizia Milano - -
It really did what it promises, opened my hips and my heart. Loved the pacing too.
Michelle Risley - -
This is one of my favorite 45 minute sequences. I can't get enough of Patti's classes.
Leigh Riebold - -
Beautiful and somewhat challenging flow. This class left me feeling rejuvenated and open. Thank you, Patti!
open hips and open heart
linda churchill - -
lovely flow, feel energized and powerful....thanks