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Typical Calvin Wizardry
Sara C. - - (edited)
Slow, steady, fierce, and soooo astutely sequenced. The transitions!!! Magic. Definitely challenging holds (which I love), and less flow (which I don’t generally gravitate towards but needed today), providing a hybrid of rigor and release that I cannot express how much I needed today. Highly recommend and will revisit this class.
Awesome practice!
Fernanda D. - -
Love this is just complete and Calvin is a great teacher...I like his style. Thanks a lot.
excellent class, loved it!
Bridget T. - -
I've practiced all of Calvin's videos on here and I enjoy coming back to them. I only wish he'd post new videos, pretty please Calvin, more videos!
So good!!!
Brea T. - -
This flow left me feeling challenged, open, and energized!!! Thanks you, Calvin! Wonderful class.
Anne C. - -
This class was as hard as beneficial for my entire body. The long holds are very challenging but it worth it ;-)
Jana B. - -
Loved this class...AGAIN! Thanks Calvin! Practicing yoga with you in person is one of the things I miss most since moving to Colorado. Happily, I can get my CC dose online!
sherry t. - -
Nice guy, good instruction but the class is super sleepy for a level three
C C. - -
This was amazing. Got rid of all the tension in my shoulders and hips. And such nice smooth transition tabards of paradise.. thank you, Calvin!!
Amazing class!!!
Ken M. - -
I feel like I literally just got on my mat to practice and I’m already done..super intense, very fluid flow and instructions of the poses, and I love the continuous variety of ways to flow from one pose to the next. Great class, great instructor I will be taking more by you thank you!!!!!
Excellent Practice
John C. - -
He doesn't over-talk. He uses brief, yet precise instruction.
Perfect class
Huda M. - -
That was the perfect class for my body. Calvin's instructions were clear and crisp, the timing of the asanas appropriate as I had time to do my chaturungas with good alignment and not too many sun salutations. I felt that I worked hard and mindfully. Loved that class. Nothing like a good teacher who can sequence a yoga class perfectly.
Riza M. - -
Good alignment points. Very challenging holding the poses for long periods.. Effective sequence.
Good class!
Morgan H. - -
I like classes when the poses are simple, but made harder with longer holds. I hold tons of tension in my shoulder and hips from too much sitting working at the computer. This practice helped to relieve some of the pain. More like this please!
Slow, Steady, Awesome
LM C. - -
I really like this instructor. His teaching style is so friendly. I couldn't do all the poses all the way, but I broke a sweat early, worked steady for the hour, and feel great. It went by fast, as Calvin Corzine's voice and instructions are so easy to focus on.
The best
Yunim P. - -
It was sooooo hard. I loved it!!
Huda M. - -
It is one of the few classes that makes me subscribe to yoga works. It was such a balanced sequence with not too many chaturungas
Awesome class, great instructor!
Sabine G. - -
A fun, creatively sequenced practice-- thanks Calvin! I would love to see more of your classes on myyogaworks!
My Kind of Yoga
Barbara S. - -
Wonderful class. Perfect dialogue. Very clear and easy to follow. All business, no silly jokes ;). I will absolutely take more of your classes!
Angela R. - -
Did this in hotel room while traveling. Amazing class! Gets a little of everythig in. I felt awesome the whole day after. What a lifesaver!
Jana Bozeman
Jana B. - -
A quintessential Calvin class! Loved it! <3
Sierra G. - -
That was damn good Calvin! Great instruction, you flowed through it so well. I started dripping in sweat by the time we got the the Bs! Loved it! Cant wait to do some more of your classes!
Rebecca R. - -
I dont know why it took me so long to try this class, but Im glad I finally did! Really challenging, really fun, and a great instructor! Thanks for the class and namaste!
Long holds...challenging
Michelle R. - -
Tough class. I love your style Calvin. Please post more 1 hour advanced classes.
One of my favs
Bharat T. - -
One of my favorite classes from a favorite instructor. Wonderful pace, and I enjoyed the externals into bird of paradise. Felt like the perfect sequencing and prepared my body for the peak pose well. Id love to see a similar class incorporating revolved bird of paradise as well.
nice class!
Jessica R. - -
Very nice class. I liked the pace and there wasnt too much talking in an annoying voice. My body felt great after. Thank you so much!
Danielle D. - -
Fantastic instruction and great voice!
Huda M. - -
That was such a beautiful healing vinyasa class, and very well balanced. I liked it because it did not have unnecessary sun salutations, and the bird of paradise was very easy at the end.
Love this class!
Laryssa W. - -
Such a well-balanced class, just challenging enough. Calvins voice and queues are easy to follow, and I felt confident following his lead throughout the entire class. I come back to this one again and again.
Rachel C. - -
What a fantastic instructor - unique, subtle cuing in a fun and challenging sequence.
Caitlin D. - -
I really liked the pace of this class. The sun salutations were broken up with poses in between which I like. Great teacher too.
Joanna B. - -
Soothing voice and challenging but specifically aligned poses. I appreciate the pace of a challenge pose or sequence, followed by a breather, then challenging again etc. Thanks!
Natalie J. - -
Such a great practice.
Laura M. - -
Great class! Fun practice.
Bernadette P. - -
I love this class! It was refreshing to see a new flow, something unpredictable which is still very much alignment and body parts- focused. I hope to see more classes like this. Thank you!
Saman D. - -
Good to see Calvin on here...rock on!
Marjorie R. - -
Wow. His voice is so relaxed and laid back, but that was a very challenging and rewarding class. Thank you!