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Mandy P. - -
Woah, feels good targets the outer hips + mobility exercises. Not a flow, but really loved it.
Joavan T. - -
My hips thank you😁
Natalie D. - -
Great class as usual always challenging but doable and feel great afterwards.
great hip focus
Apolonia S. - -
Just as someone else commented, this is exactly what I've needed. My hips have been too tight and this is just the right amount of focus.
Amazing New Stretches
Colleen S. - -
Unique style with clear instruction and so many new amazing hip stretches :)
Great for Hips
Lynn M. - -
Loved this workout. My hips feel looser and energized. Good pace and new positions.
Fantastic hip focus
Sarah S. - -
Exactly what I needed today. This class got my hips fired up in a quick 30 minute class with no wasted time. Great teacher- can’t wait to try more of his classses.
excellent focus on hips
Bridget T. - -
great to get those muscles that are so often overlooked. nice work on hip mobility, stability and strength. thanks vytas for another great class!
Outer hips flow
Sanju D. - -
Enjoyed this short practice of hip openers.
great hip openers
Dina F. - -
while incorporating some strength challenges. enjoyed the class!!
great class
Natalie D. - -
I am so glad I made myself do this class a little challenging at times but definitely got the hips working!! Thanks you
Nancy H. - -
Great class! My hips are happy!
Hip Mobility Drills
Madeleine O. - - (edited)
This is strictly 30 minutes of hip mobility. It is a good way to learn how to move in your hips and perhaps build strength. The description is seriously lacking. It is not, by any means, a vinyasa class. It is not challenging and it is certainly not well rounded. I think the teacher is great and he seems knowledgeable, but whoever writes these descriptions ... I am wondering if they even take watch the class beforehand? It is titled flow for gosh sakes and all he does is switch from exercise to exercise with no flow at all. It is SOO disappointing to carve out half an hour of your day and not get what you were hoping for. Unfortunately MANY yogaworks videos are like this. Please, do better at this yogaworks!!
Jennifer C. - -
yes I agree