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Dorene A. - -
I understood that in binding, for example how you taught side angle in this video, the glenohumeral joint of top arm should be in internal rotation. Your bucket arm variation puts that joint in external rotation. Perhaps I am not understanding correctly, but it seems that internally rotating from the forearm (elbow joint) is putting the glenohumeral (complex joint along with scapula) at risk, especially if one were to then follow this action with a closed chain, even deeper bind. Can you please help me to understand what I am missing?
Sarah E. - -
Hi Doreen! Great comment and you are totally right! In YogaWorks methodology we have a concept known as "position vs action", where the anatomical position of the body is different than the action we are asking it to perform. In this video, what we are working on is that when the shoulder is in extension (arms behind the back) the anatomical POSITION of the upper arm bone is internal rotation. We do this because it allows greater range of motion in the shoulder socket, however once the arm is in place (i.e. in a bind), the ACTION is external rotation. Super smart observation and thanks for asking me to clarify! Happy shoulders!