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Annette R. - -
I have to compliment you David. I love this meditation. Your voice is paced well and is also very soft and soothing. This enhanced my ability to let go of any remaining angst and provided a very satisfying meditative state. NAMASTE
Ryan O. - -
Seriously incredible. Played this in place of the Shivasana at the end of another video and it was perf. Recommended, deeply relaxing meditation
I have trouble hearing.
Eugenia E. - -
I need this type of class! however I had a hard time hearing. His voice was too soft and low. Perhaps if he could get closer to a mouth microphone would be very helpful.
Whitney W. - -
Just enough direction from the teacher. Very relaxing.
My FAVORITE Meditation video
Annette R. - -
I have to compliment you David. I have meditated to various videos and this one is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. The tone of your voice as well as the pacing of your words is so soothing. I appreciate you and how this video allowed me to relieve my tension and release some anxiety. Thank you thank you! Namaste
Where is the video????
Eric D. - -
I use this video almost everyday. It has helped me with my anxiety. Also helps that David’s voice is so calming. I went to play the video & it’s not showing : (
Jodi N. - -
Hi Eric - The video appears to be working for me. Could you try logging in and out and then playing the video?
Pass to surrender, Shoulders.., Thigh.., & Pass to ..
Prativa K. - -
Hello David, I ran for 57 minutes minus walking on the balance beam this morning as my husband walked together. I did not feel like driving for two hours to practice with my amazing teachers either in OC or LA. Your videos worked very well for me as a sequence today. My daughter' taught me and let me use her iPad and blue tooth speaker for the sound quality which was very helpful. I have met you in person while I waited for my 300 hour workshops in Larchmont. This weekend is the closing weekend.Thank you so much for your knowledge, passion, guidance. My body, mind, and spirit needed to stay grounded, let go and finally surrender. Your Sanskrit pronunciation was very good too. Namaste, Prati
Theresa O. - -
Loving the class and how David Lynch guides us through meditation. It would have been better if audio was louder. I'm using a Macbook Air and I have to get close to the screen to hear what he's saying.