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Susan D. - -
A difficult class that is so much fun and uses your toenails to your eyelashes! GREAT instruction!
Jamielyn L. - -
I am obsessed with this class! It is the perfect hour class. Equally challenging and balanced + David has the best personality.
Good home class
Thomas L. - -
Good energy
A challenging, sweaty hour!
Julie T. - -
I wanted to break a sweat and put a smile on my face and this class delivered both! I'm brand new to level 3 and this sequence, plus David's fun and light hearted queueing, was a perfect introduction. It's a strong workout for the legs and arms with gloriously deep stretch for the hamstrings at the end. I couldn't get my foot all the way off the ground for flying pigeon, but the build up was so helpful and I'm excited to keep coming back to this one until I can do it!
Hips. Balance. Core. Dry humor
Lori T. - -
Great strong class and david kept me smiling through to the end. Excellent instruction no frills class.
Very hard but we can do it laughing
Fernanda D. - -
David is amazing...he can guide us through a hard practice and make us laugh in between...really intense...I could not do adhomukha by the end...but great great class. Love David style. Thanks a lot.
Hips and hamstring openers
Cheryl R. - -
I really enjoyed this class. I felt like the larger full body movements really opened up my larger muscles, hips, hamstrings, and body as a whole. I also built up a sweat getting deep into the poses. The flying pigeon peak pose is a bonus.
Amber C. - -
It would be nice if at least one of the models could actually do the poses being taught (e.g. flying pigeon).
Vanessa W. - -
Didn't find the class funny at all. Good workout but prefer more fluid sequences.
Mindy K. - -
***David guides you on a difficult yoga practice and makes you laugh along the journey. Thank you David! Dear Kathy Dasilva, If you use your breath, really engage your muscles sending energy throughout your body during this entire practice or any practice. It is in fact a level 3 practice. “Modify to your needs”. It’s also a hour long class targeting a specific pose. Also if you’re looking for choreography.... take a dance class.
Anne P. - -
Hard class on the arms but the laughter kept me going
kathy d. - -
This is not a level 3 class. It takes way too long to build to a level 3 class. The choreography also needs to flow better. Level 3 yogis's will be mighty bored
Oh yes
Ken M. - -
This was absolutely phenomenal thank you so much please more of these creative, fun and challenging yet calming practices love love!!!! And this Instructor was awesome love the continuous humor, inspiration and on point cuing!!
great class with fun sense of humor
Bridget T. - -
and a good workout also
Humor is a bonus
Karie L. - -
What an enjoyable class! I loved laughing at what seemed like effortless humor on the part of the teacher, all while experiencing a series of solid, well-cued challenges for my core and balance. This class is easily one of my favorites on this site.
Sydni A. - -
Thank you for such a playful class! I feel that sometimes, YogaWorks classes can feel very serious, but this was refreshing and a lot of fun!
Always a laugh with David
Dominique R. - -
Super challenging class - great sequencing. A lot is packed into this hour. Thank you!
Judit M. - -
David made this class so fun, that i had to laugh out loud couple of times. Its challenging, but his humour keeps you grounded and yet thinking: lets not take things too serious but lets have fun!
Loved this class!
Patrizia M. - -
This is an amazing sequence. I felt I reached my core and mid line lie never before. I was able to bring some breath into very deep areas of my body and center and release deep seated tension. The sequencing and the unfolding are truly masterful. Goes into my faves.
Alissa G. - -
David, thank you SO much for this class!!!! I absolutely loved it. As a yoga teacher in training (who just finished 100 of her 200 hours), I was feeling ready to try a Level 3 class instead of my usual 2, and this was so great!!! I felt challenged but not quite discouraged. I pushed myself with the help of your good humor and I made it through until the end. Thank you THANK YOU! :)
DAN V. - -
Thank you for a beautiful and hilarious class.
Fantastic class!
Jessica N. - -
I absolutely loved this class- really strong, creative flow with lots of opportunities to relax and not take yourself too seriously with David's humor. :) Definitely adding this to my regular rotation!
Fun, challenging class!
Caroline K. - -
David provided superb guidance through the poses. I felt my poses improving, which can be hard in an online practice. And David's humor and care were grounding and encouraging--perfect for when I need my practice to help me through a difficult time.
Great challenging class!
Rachel O. - -
I loved this class! Super strong and fun flow. David is hilarious and I was cracking up throughout this class. Perfect to sweat it out and laugh it out after a tough day.
great flow
Michele H. - -
challenging and unique sequencing. I will definitely take this class again!
Fun, strong class
Michelle R. - -
Loved David's style. His sense of humor is refreshing and I found myself laughing out loud!!! This was a fun sequence. Thank you.