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Carol U. - -
Appreciated the no-nonesense approach.
Jeff S. - -
just wondering what size jo's feet are?
plantar fasciitis - really helps!
Ed M. - -
This is a good class, really helps my feet, more fun than physical therapy!
Karineh M. - -
beautiful moves for achy feet
Vince A. - -
Great overall foot stretch for an often neglected area. Jolette has a clear and pleasant presentation style. Thanks Jollette
Wonderful workout for the feet
Athena P. - -
It is rare that focus is on the feet in yoga classes. The feet carry the weight of the whole body. It is very important to keep the feet stretched out, strengthened and mobilized.
OMG 😱😜😍
Karen H. - -
This is just plain foot evilness. I love it. I think I will do it every day for the rest of my life.
Lisette L. - -
My feet feel angry now. haha Hopefully it means they will relax and feel much better later. Signed, Frowning Flat Feet
susan t. - -
Surprised how much I felt this
Diane G. - -
interesting and intense sequence for the feet and ankles. worked muscles there that I didn't know I had! Felt great
Got quite the foot massage!
Marilyn S. - -
My feet are tingling all over, especially the pads of my feet. Good exercise after my long walk.
Happy happy joy joy :)
Kristin H. - -
My feet hurt so good! Great ankle release and arch work for shoe lovers.