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Chantal P. - -
Intense and so well explained during class. I do Pilates reformer and yoga normally. For me Lisa's class combines both: an amazing core workout and a zen-like state when it's over. What a great, great class, so far above any mat Pilates class I've tried. Thank you, Lisa.
Best class yet!
Kathryn K. - -
I came across this class during the Coronavirus and it is the first class that felt as challenging as if I was in class myself! Definitely recommend playing this!
Great class
Rob R. - -
Lisa is amazing in quarantine great to hear a friendly Pilates voice!
I did Love it!
Judy R. - -
Great intense workout. Will go back to this one more than once. A lot of core and thats what I like. I feel energized. Thank you!
Killer Class
Jamie S. - -
I usually do yoga, not Pilates, but was looking for a change. Holy Hannah is this tough! I made it through the first 40mins this time but will definitely be back again. I would love Yogaworks to bring back more from this instructor.
Oh my god
Vicki T. - -
This was an amaZING! work out. I thought I was decent with core exercises, this definitely pushed me to the limit and then some.
Sydni A. - -
Wellll that was humbling. I guess I should try this more often...
Just what I was looking for!!
Susan H. - -
A great cross-training workout to accompany yoga. Very humbling and showed me where I needed to work on (like all over) 🙂 Thanks!
Amazing yoga complement
NY T. - -
What a wonderful class on core strength and extension. I ended feeling so centered, and I know the stabilizing work will help me in my yoga asana as a teacher and student. The levels are also great, so you don't feel intimidated if you are still working on developing your muscles. Would love to see more full-length Pilates classes on MyYogaWorks.
Ana C. - -
So far this is the clas I'm really satisfied with. Small movements but intense. I hope you have more of these mat Pilates classes so you create variety in your classes
Ken M. - -
That was amazing..definitely challenging I loved it I feel it everywhere..please add more!!!
Great core work
Amy T. - -
I was looking for a class that I could manage with a sprained ankle. I didn't need to make many modifications and still had a great workout. Much of the work is on the mat in traditional Pilates fashion. I'm looking forward to doing this one throughout my recovery.
more, please
Georgina D. - -
not usually a fan of pilates mat but this class feels different, challenging, and distracts you from the fact that you're doing an hour of it. would love more like it
Great class.
Kathleen Y. - -
Very challenging. But great class.
Lots of core work
Marian E. - -
Challenging pilates class filled with lots of core exercises. Should probably take a at least twice to make sure you understand the glute exercises. Great class!
A must try!
jenny n. - -
Lisa is an amazing teacher; been going to her classes for years. So glad she is finally on myyogaworks. A well rounded video for abs, glutes. Hope to see more of Lisa'a videos.
Love this!
Lauren F. - -
Loved this! A good and hard pilates class, perfect for tightening the abs and the butt. Would LOVE to see more like this!
lisa m. - -
Awesome class! Challenging yet approachable. Great cues.