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Kinga is a master pilates instructor
Eleanor E. - -
This is an excellent class. Although it is rated a Level 2 class the challenge is self-motivated and could be approached as a Level 1 or 3 and that is the gift this instructor brings to the practice. Thank you Yogaworks!!!
Christine T. - -
This was tough! But in a good way.
Christine T. - -
This was tough! But in a good way.
Sam S. - -
PLEASE POST MORE KINGA VIDEOS. Other instructors do NOT instruct alignment in the same way. Her workouts are better, more effective and impossible to find elsewhere. I now live in Europe and still subscribe to MyYogaWorks but would LOVE TO SEE MORE KINGA VIDEOS! Thank you!
Where did this instructor go?
Julie C. - -
I wish she did more videos! I love her training!!
i like this lady
Julie C. - -
I revisited this and this is great! She is straight and to the point!!! No mush...just getting straight to work. THAHNK YOU 5 STAR
Natalie J. - -
An amazing instructor! Please post more videos with Kinga!
Willpower challenge
Claire S. - -
Great, great workout! Phew! However, I don't like how the instructor says one more time, many times. Makes it hard on the willpower!
Kinga Night
J P. - -
Kinga Rocks Pilates!
This is a great work out, tough and fantastic for focus and breathing. Thanks. I will be doing this one again!
Julie C. - -
The first half of this was really hard on my back. I like the plank stuff though.
Diane G. - -
great and effective! I felt this one!
Hi Kinga
David L. - -
I have to miss the next few classes but I just did the push ups and back extension video workout - excellent! See you next week.
Hello, Kinga!
Jane W. - -
You are the best Pilates instructor I ever had! I miss you, but at least I can now follow you here. Thank you, MyYogaWorks, making this possible !Jane Park Wells
Joy T. - -
I'm so excited to see Kinga on here! She was my favorite instructor when I lived in California and attended Yogaworks Pasadena. She is the best!
Jodi D. - -
More Pilates mat videos would be helpful