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to my surprise, that was ok...
Spyros Kontostanos - -
probably because I've taken many of your classes and I've built some power :)
8 min of burn
Stacey Somerville - -
Getting Stronger!!
randi holland - -
Vytas... you are making me so much stronger! The more i take your classes, the better and stronger i feel. Thank you!
Mel Legget - -
For the ability to set up a trial period so conveniently! Began with this short sequence. Great Start for me personally. Day 1 trial! :D
Nayiri Derian - -
I used this, among other 10 min videos, as a study break! I will be coming back to this one frequently :) Thank you!
Suzanne Webb - -
glad you didn't want to challenge "us" too much, Vytas! ha!
More Plank Challenges Please
M L - -
This was so awesome! I would love to see a series of plank challenges. Bring on the planks!
Oh my...
Anne Ormsby - -
I was pressed for time and just stumbled on this. Whoa! I have said it before and will continue to say it, you are my favorite instructor, Vytas! I love I can challenge myself from my phone. Thank you. See you tomorrow!
Plank challenge
Priyanka Singh - -
Oh my God! Wonderful
Suzanne Webb - -
So hard...but I feel so strong! Let's see what I feel like tomorrow!!! ha!
@$!%*!@ planks!
Kami Broyles - -
...yipes! 8 min planks are hard.
Denise Forston - -
I definitely have work to do! This kicked my rear half way through!
Patricia Gordon - -
Ouch. Who knew you could do so much in 8 min??
Hey Fear! I kicked your butt...
Judit Makk-Hatzirakleous - -
I didn't believe I can go through it but I did! It helps a lot to see Vytas and the lady going with it, to listen to the breath and just sticking to it! Wow! Thanks a lot!
Alexeyeva Smith - -
This plank challenge kicked my rear. Faced a fear and made it through the whole class. Great way to start this challenge :) I think I'll do this one again at the end to see if can make it through the whole class without modifying.
Quick but tough class
Christine Lanotte - -
I have done this class many times, it's a great quick yet challenging class!
Keep Up The Good Work
Vytas Baskauskas - -
Always great to see so many of you practicing on here. Let's get SummerStrong!
Awesome start
Jodi Oughton-Schmidt - -
Nice challenging way to start this challenge!
Awesome start
Jodi Oughton-Schmidt - -
Nice challenging way to start this challenge!
Plank Challenge WOW
Annette Peinado - -
Great class love it! #SummerStrongChallenge #Day1Done
Summer Strong Yoga Challenge D1
Guia Panajon - -
Awesome, challenging video!
Chrissy White - -
Loved this Day 1 challenge...pulled through and completed :)
Maria Richard - -
nice to start off strong !
Core tastic
Vanessa Morton - -
Fantastico....great way to start, then followed it up with a great 30 min vinyasa flow. Feeling good, bring on day 2 .
Day 1 Challenge!
Crystal Conley - -
This was fun! My shoulders are burning, lol!
Ikonia ulrika Anevska - -
OMG! This is def, a video I'll have to try out more often! Thanks Vytas for your challenges.
Almost Made it!
Lauren Bartolozzi - -
This will be in my rotation for sure. Great challenge!
Jana Bozeman - -
Ouch! In a good way of course!
Plank challenge!
rena gustafsson - -
Almost made it and got caught up with the last modification. Rested, watched the demo which helped then finished it out. I will take the challenge again soon! Thanks!
natalie deweese - -
Surprised myself that I made it through but even more that I did it again, great challenge and will keep on coming back! Who knew that a 56 year breast cancer survivor could master this one!!!
I love you Vytas (so does my core)
Sara Courter - -
You have a very special way of guiding me to stillness and calm during intensely challenging asana (that quiet within challenge being the heart of the practice) and I love ya for it! Will be doing this again and again. Cant believe I was able to stick with you throughout!!! Definitely sharing this plank challenge gem. Namaste!
Melinda Ehrlich - -
ohmygosh i need to practice this one a bajillion times.