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Beauty Practice
Wendy Perez - -
I woke feeling very stiff in my low back and hips. I’ve been spinning a lot lately. After a lengthy walk with the dogs, I decided I should do a practice focusing on my tight hamstrings and psoas. This class is fantastic for hitting those spots. Plus it was gentle yet moved at a good pace. I will definitely be putting this class into my repertoire.
Good Teacher
Jennifer Payne - -
Very good teacher
Not quite what I needed
Nanette Wood - -
This is a pretty traditional flow class; if you are looking - like I was - for poses that are all about tight hamstrings and hips without being strictly "yoga" this isn't the class.
Miss You
Michelle Hux - -
SO very nice to practice with you today Anne. Hope to make a retreat next year or see you in Richmond soon!
This is a gift!
Nancy Guardabascio - -
This class both opens and strengthens the psoas; it felt perfectly balanced. I hope to return time and again and incorporate some of these great variations into my own teaching. Thank you!
Happy hips
Lisa Jennings - -
My hips and hamstrings are always tight and this class did a great job at opening them up. It was a great flow - held some stretches for a bit (which felt necessary), but it moved nicely (I can't abide holding pose after pose for 2 minutes or more). I highly recommend this class!
just what I needed!
Amy Goeldner - -
I have just started to lift heavy weights and I could feel my leg muscles were getting so tight. This sequence definitely lengthened exactly what my tight muscles needed. I loved the way the instructor planned the entire class, working up to splits. Wonderful! I didn't find there was too many chaturangas, it was the usual amount, perfect to heat up the body and to realign to do the pose on the other side. Thanks!
Jana Bozeman - -
Always love me some Anne Van! Great class lady!
Erin Graham - -
I'm at 27:20. As yet, do not feel that the video is living up to its title.
Slow and steady
Lisa Trusty - -
Class was exactly as billed. I enjoyed the slow movements and clear instructions. My favorite part was doing hanumanasana with two blocks under the thigh.
Frida Caroline Bjerkan - -
Thank you, Anne! I`ll get happy Psoas, Hip Flexors and Hamstrings from this one! I`ll put it on my list together with some abdominals work!
I miss your class
Tomoyo Taguchi - -
Great class as usual!!! I missed your class so much. Finally I'm back on myyogaworks so I can take your class anytime I want here in northern California!
Great class...went by way to fast!
Karla Wade - -
Definitely feel elongated! I desperately miss the music in the background to all these classes here on Yoga works!
Excellent for YWTT200
Sarah Weare - -
Just as someone else mentioned, this is an excellent class to take to reinforce the strong alignment based training on the YW 200hr. Great class.
Good stretch
Jen McGrath - -
Not strenuous, but challenging enough, at times a bit slow for intermediate. Clear instructions for correct form. Very nice!
Very well guided and effective
Aysegul Ergin - -
Great stretch on hamstrings, psoas and quads. Very well planned and instructed. I reduce the number of vinyasas when practicing.
Heather Wells - -
Thank you, Anne, for a beautiful class that made me feel more relaxed and open. I loved your clear, spare instructions and calm voice. Just enough chaturangas to warm up tight hips and effective sequences to open them up further.
Denise Jens - -
Good stretching to reduce my pain when I began the class. Good instruction. Nice long shvasana. - like an in-house class. Class could have been shorter with less chaturangas
Jody Wolfe - -
Enjoyed the clear instruction and modifications. This was a good class for someone with tight hips and hamstrings. For me though, there were too many chaturangas.
Maja LEMAIRE - -
this was fantastic and very very good teacher thank you very much i look forward for some other practise with Ann Namaste :)
Great sequencing, easy to follow queuing & amazing soft & soothing voice. Loved that the these were basic poses that were held for a few breaths making it challenging. I don't typically like to hold poses for long but this was a decent length to hold. My favorite part was the splits series, for once it felt good to stretch in the best splits that I can give. I think the queuing was key here. great flow! THANK YOU ANN :) YTT 200 Teachers TAKE THIS CLASS, it's a good one to remind us how effective basic poses can be yet challenging enough. Namaste.
Stefanie Blase - -
Very nice, loved the splits variations. This will help us get back into the groove of a full split very soon. Thank you beautiful :)
Laura Jeanne - - my hips! Lots of stuff gunking up my hips lately. This class cleared that up! It was a good kind of challenging without being too strenuous. The structure of the class and the queuing was great. Ann's instruction on poses and modifications - also great. Ann has a very calming tone. As a beginnermediate student this class offers a lot of room for improvement and all the stepping stones I'll need. I'm very excited to see progress (especially in splits!) and move so much more freely in my hips. Thanks!
Quite Simply Put....
Paige Pickering - -
YES! Loved this class. It was exactly what I needed. I will certainly do this again, but probably with a second cycle of the split. I have never been so tight in my hips etc in my life. :o)
Wonderful Class
Trish DeThomas - -
Loved the sequencing of this class and that the postures were so simple. I have wanted classes to get back to the simple basics without trying to put so many variations in.The practice was smooth, well guided and I really loved the last few poses with the hamstring stretch and the supported bridge. Loved everything about this class!