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Post weight lifting stretch
Joanne H. - -
Felt great after doing a full body weight lifting session the previous day!
Post-Cardio Stretch
Angelika S. - -
Great after a run! Thank you!
Marie W. - -
Excellent Quick Effective!
Perfect post-run sequence
Devin F. - -
I love this class when I get home from a run. I'm already feeling accomplished and exhausted, but this is quick and satisfying enough that I actually *do it*. The instant feelings of relief in my hips and hamstrings is priceless.
Jessica R. - -
This is a fantastic stretching class... I am just getting back into yoga and mentally cannot hold a class longer then 30 min right now. This class is perfect way yo get re-introduced to stretching. Perfect amount of time to hit all the tight spots.
Hips and hamstrings
Kristin H. - -
What a great class for after a run!
Love this class
linda s. - -
This is a great class for hips and hamstrings when I don't have a lot of time. It does the job without a lot of pain.
Really like it
Monika K. - -
Just wish there were no repeat classes in this journey
Jessica R. - -
This was my first session with YogaWorks and I can already tell I'm going to LOVE it :) Amazing stretch, awesome and lovely instructor.
Great for Hamstring and Hips
Claire S. - -
Great hip and hamstring openers - wish there was more quad/calf stretches
Luxurious at the end of the day!
Sandra S. - -
I didn't run before this. I did yoga butt and abs this morning, took a walk outdoors this afternoon after grocery shopping, and did this at the end of the day! I will be doing it often because it really does feel like the fountain of youth. I feel much looser and relaxed.
Jenni K. - -
Excellent post cardio stretch! Instructor is very informative about what all benefits you are getting from each pose! Love it
Post Cardio Stretch
Jackie C. - -
Very nice stretch for runners! It was very refreshing!
Jere A. - -
Great post-run stretches. Will do this regularly!
Julia C. - -
Nice post-workout sequence. I enjoyed this much more than the other cool down classes I've tried so far. I wish pigeon were included but I recommend this class overall.
Brittany H. - -
This was soo nice after my run! The stretches were a prefect compliment to my tight legs. I will definitely add this after all my runs.
Stephanie H. - -
Great stretches, great commentary, loved this!
Jessica R. - -
It was pretty fast, but I'm pretty tight in my thighs so I was only able to hold the pose for a few seconds. Speed works for me
Feelin so good
Jenni T. - -
This was a perfect choice post run, I feel so loose and yummy! Jessie's pants in this video! Brand?
Rachel B. - -
This is a wonderful stretch! However, I felt very rushed and would gain more benefit from a slower post-run sequence. Thanks!
BETTY H. - -
Yes! Please consider creating more post-cardio sequences--so invaluable! Thank you!
post cardio stretch jesse schein
Liz T. - -
hamstrings shoulder hips