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My knees thank you!
Sarah S. - - (edited)
After an ACL tear 2 years ago, I've been searching for the perfect class to strengthen and stretch hips, hamstrings and glutes without hurting my knees. I've done this class 4 times in 2 weeks and for the first time in a long time, I'm walking around without pain and stiffness. Thank you!!!!
Ying Z. - -
I do not like her style, too slow too easy
Wonderful Class!
Linda C. - -
I love this class! It has a nice combination of flow/strength and lots of opportunities for opening hips and hamstrings. Jocelyn is an excellent teacher - love her calm and positive voice and her detailed and very helpful instruction. Will be taking this class frequently and look for more by Jocelyn!
Roze H. - - (edited)
After a lot of cycling, strength training, and sitting the last few weeks, this felt A-MAZ-ING. Jocelyn is a gift--such a wise and gentle instructor. Though I wish I could take her classes in person, I am loving that I can practice from Colorado. More, please!
Eric S. - -
I agree this class offers a great opening of hips and hammies. I appreciated Jocelyn's pointers about alignment but felt, in contrast to others here that there was more talk than necessary for an intermediate class about being sensitive to one's energy level, body differences, steady breathing, etc.
Jodie G. - -
Great class. Challenging but so beneficial to hips and hamstrings.
Amanda C. - -
Great teaching and beautiful reminders thank you for such a juicy class ; )
Jalon F. - -
that was wonderful. love the words of wisdom too. thank you.
Feel Great
Stephanie S. - -
I have been doing a lot of sitting (quilting), feels great to release the hips.
Hip Release
Cheryl R. - -
A great class to really open up and stretch the hips. I felt it was more holds than flow.
❤️ from Wyoming!
Khale C. - -
How fun it is to have the opportunity to take your class all the way from Bighorn! Love you Jocelyn! 😘
Great class...
Fernanda D. - -
Really enjoyed this sequence. Great class. Thanks a lot.
Ebru B. - -
Thank you very much for this great class!
Great Class
Natalie D. - -
Feel really relaxed and stretched in all the right places, instructor was very soothing and right on point!
Triangles, lizards, and pigeons, oh my!
Heather W. - -
All my favorite opening poses intelligently sequenced and well-paced. Lots of options/modifications offered. Just the right amount of talking. I will definitely keep coming back to this video and instructor.
Challenging but paced nicely
Brea T. - -
I'm really enjoying Jocelyn's classes! I find her flows to be challenging but paced in a way that still allows for some "marination" so to speak in strong postures. I feel like I'm working, but not rushed. I'd love to see more classes from her!
Thoughtful, Powerful Class
Jamie S. - -
I agree with the other comment or about the focus on intentional movement. The class was definitely a Level 2- for the holds more than the difficulty of the poses. I really appreciated the instruction on the varying level of each pose, the encouragement to listen to your body in making your pose selection, and the alignment cues. The instructor has a wonderful voice- not too chatty, peaceful, nice cadence. Will do again.
jocelyn S. - -
So glad you enjoyed your practice!!! 💜 jocelyn
Balanced class, exactly as described
Joy S. - -
This class encourages moving intentionally and balancing challenge with checking in. The way that the teacher gives the "students" in the video so much freedom to modify keeps me from identifying too much with either of them and pushing into particular variations of a pose. Thank you, Jocelyn.
jocelyn S. - -
So glad you enjoyed it!!! I think the more we practice, the more we tune in and listen to what we need in the present moment. Less identifying with how “deep” a variation we take, more breathing into exactly what we need right then! Namaste!!! 💜jocelyn