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Cindy R. - -
I appreciate the variations in boat & arda- many instructors have us do variations with hands behind the head and bicycle legs and I have major neck issues and find that very unhealthy for my neck. The bicycle method reminds of of gym class growing up (calisthenics) and not part of yoga.
Great Practice~
Brandi W. - -
I really enjoyed this practice! I think the level designation was spot on (for this returning yogi, ;-). I will definitely be checking out more classes offered by Papo! His sequencing is great, his instruction is on point and body knowledge.
Zejna N. - -
Whay my acaunt expaers
Rachel J. - -
I usually only do level 2 and I definitely thought this was a level 3. Lots of side planks and chair poses 😫 and flow. I like the incorporation of mindfulness and breath into the practice. Great reminder to breathe and that the breath is most important 🙏🏻
Nice Progression
Stephen R. - -
I'd suggest warming up a bit more beforehand and then go through a very nice flow with this class.
Solid Workout
Jennifer B. - -
This didn't feel like a Level 3, more Level 2 but overall really good momentum throughout. Feel refreshed after as a great start to the day.
Great class!
Jamie G. - -
I would love to see more classes from Papo!
Cindy R. - -
Great instructor
Jessie J. - -
I would judge this as a level 2, not 3. Good flow led in an excellent fashion. I'm stretched, relaxed, but not fatigued.
More like this please
Hans E. - -
Exactly what I love in a class. Perfect blend of effort that isn’t too much or too little with movement and instruction.
Great instruction & focus
Samantha B. - -
Great mindful and challenging class. Papo is excellent--great instruction and interesting twist on coming into classic poses. I took classes with him when I lived in LA and great to see him on myyogaworks. Would have preferred an arm balance or something that makes it more "level 3" but great class nonetheless.
Great Energy Boost!
Sydni A. - -
Challenging and accessible! His tone was super encouraging on a wobbly, tired day!
thank you
Spyros K. - -
for the class
Flow for Function & Focus
Cassie D. - -
My first time viewing a video with Papo and it was fantastic! I appreciated the powerful flow and atypical movement patterns (not what you expect from typical flow classes), as well as his yogi philosophy and education. I'll be taking more of his classes!
More Papo Please!
Nicole L. - -
Wonderful, challenging class with excellent cues and not too much talking. Thank you for starting my day right!
Taz B. - -
More classes from Papo please! Perfect balance and not over instructed perfect
Excellent Class!
Linda C. - -
My first class with Papo and I loved it! Thanks for a great class - the core sequence was tough but sooooo good.
Great pace!
Margaret M. - -
I appreciated the suggestions for modifications during the plank sequence, because this was a tough class! Very invigorating--I'll be returning to this class.
great strengthening, well-rounded class
Bridget T. - - (edited)
Great class, thank you Papo!
Nice and Compact
Seth B. - -
Great abs work out, good mind /body connection, solid yoga with a few spiritual thoughts here and there... well balanced and sneakily challenging. Thank you!
Short Yet Strong Class
natalia v. - -
I really liked the pace, focus and the methodology of the class. You are invited to practice your preference of modifications or can challenge it. Great well rounded practice in something over a half an hour. thank you papo!
Marjorie R. - -
This is simply an excellent class! Smart sequencing and focused cueing. Definitely looking forward to taking more of Papo’s classes.
Thank you, Papo!
Miriam S. - -
I love Papo's focus on each student choosing how they want to take care of themselves in the practice. Excellent sequencing, calm, kind voice, and great attitude. Thank you, Papo!