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Anita Ng - -
A tough one. Make me sweat on winter season and first time i can do crow pose
A....Mazing Class!
Kim Swiatek - -
Builds strength while finding focus with the breath. Challenging with a great flow..Loved It!!!
Good upper body class!
Tina Reano - -
Did a lot of plank and downward dog. Very steady paced and nothing too advanced.
Strong Upper Body Workout
Megan Nash - -
A Power Yoga class that is powerful - YES! As noted, the class focuses more on upper body than lower. Great workout
Fabulous class!
Angela Deering - -
He’s timely, and explanatory and I still get a great sweat. Love the options for modifications. Great teacher!
Holy shoulders, batman!
Ilana Landseid - -
Great upper arm and shoulder routine.
Megan Hayes - -
Whew!!! That was a tough class!!
Love it!
Jen McGrath - -
Very nice flow that really works your upper body! Good instructions on modifications and proper alignment.
Power Yoga by David Kim
Brenda GIffen - -
Nice flow to this and I learned a few new variations to the dolphin plank with the one arm raised. How to do it without shifting all of the weight to the other arm will be my challenge.
Great upper body work out!
Caroline Kuntz - -
Great for building stamina in my arms. Worked lower back too.
Camilla Dorand - -
OMG! Fantastic class! Lots of sweat! Thanks!
Jena Binderup - -
kicked my butt -- i mean my arms -- in the best way.
Jeanette Tovey - -
ah my teacher does that dolphin plank with one arm kills you, but you sure feel it the next day. Thanks.
Ryan Cowan - -
Great workout!
Brooke Hancock - -
really enjoyed - great shoulder work