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Awesome class
Jan S. - -
I love Vytas and his classes are the best I have taken on this site and in person. Had the privilege of going to his classes regularly in Santa Monica — this class reminds me of why I was a Saturday regular. There are no acrobatics or needlessly fancy tricks in this class— it’s all basic, foundational movements but taught in a beautiful way, so they become truly challenging and meaningful in ways that last long after the class. Vytas’ cues are spot on and even after years of practice I find myself learning more with each class. Also, I don’t find him mean or condescending in the least. He has a wry sense of humor and is like a stern but effective teacher that gets you out of complacency. His style is not over the top cheerleader but you can tell (or at least I can) that he cares for and truly supports these students. I take no offense whatsoever and find his style refreshing — I wish he would do many more classes, as he is the reason I belong to this site. Thank you, Vytas!
Mean teacher
Eva T. - - (edited)
Generally good sequence, but what a mean teacher! I couldn't believe he shamed the student for wobbling and told him it was his fault that everyone else had to work harder. That is not what yoga is about for me. Also saying come on you guys, this isn't a level 3 pose, it's a level 2 pose. Like they should be ashamed for not being able to do it. And leaning on the wall in the background like he just didn't care. All of the "good job"s could not compensate for the negativity.
Like the sequence, not sure about the teacher
Anna M. - -
I really liked the sequence and appreciated the challenging flow, but was thrown off by the lack of warm-up and savasana. It was hard, but not too hard, and the cues were good. I especially enjoyed the build-up to the first down dog-- really helped my posture. However, the instructor was a little low energy. He even yawns at one point. When I'm holding a challenging pose for long periods of time, it helps to have more energy channeling from the instructor to keep you motivated. That being said, I probably will do this video again because it was such a great workout.
Theresa M. - -
I've probably done 30-40 of the level 2 practices, and this is about the hardest one so far. I like the teaching style, myself - the guy's not afraid to stop talking and let you hold in silence sometimes.
Great class, but he's a bit mean
Alex S. - -
Guess that's what you get for taking a "power yoga" class. No accounting for taste... I know some people like it. My body felt great after taking it. Will I do it again though? Not too sure.
Builds strength
Katie R. - -
This was hard and I feel a great sense of accomplishment now that it’s over! The cues were great. The holds are longer than I like, but I know that’s good for me.
Still love this class!
Marianne K. - -
The instructors cues are timely and I continue to find this class a challenge. It’s hard work for me but I feel fantastic at the end. Vytas is among my favorite instructors.
Not my cup of tea!
Asia M. - -
I tried this teacher's class a while back, and finished that class feeling uninspired and felt a bit restless. I decided to give him another try based on the positive comments. I felt unmotivated throughout class but this time I put a finger on why. He seemed bored to me throughout class. His tone of voice, and his posture (leaning against the wall at the back of the room or putting both hands in his pockets). I don't need a cheerleader, but at least someone who is interested in what he is teaching. Then, he shamed one of his models towards the end of the class. What happened to listening to our bodies? I had expected to sweat at least a little in a power class. I got warm, but no sweat. Different teachers work for different students. And there are plenty of fantastic teachers I like here.
I could do this class over and over! I wish I knew about Vytas when I lived in LA!!
Makes me powerful and calm
Anna E. - -
Love this class! All parts of my body get great workout. It makes me feel energized and accomplished
Power Yoga - Series 4
Angelika S. - -
Making me sweat! Loving it. Thank you.
Thank you
Lahib H. - -
Loved the Power Yoga with Vytas. Excellent class Thank you.
Strong Class
Michelle D. - -
I was dripping with sweat towards the middle of the class as Vytqa made a comment about the two classmates sweat dripping sound. Saved to my playlist and will definitely try again.
Love the chill teacher energy + hard working class mates.
Great class!
Stacy S. - -
For a long time I allowed the negative comments to keep me from trying this class. Thankfully I decided to ignore them and I am SO glad that I did! Vytas is an excellent instructor and this class is so strong. I loved it! Definitely saved to my favorites!
Awesome teacher
gillian d. - -
I always come back to this challenging but doable class. Makes me feel terrific, thanks, Vytas. 😊
Strong session
Farlene M. - -
I really enjoy this video. i always enjoy a strong class that makes me sweat. Holding my poses longer makes me more aware of what it feels like in the pose. instructions were very clear. I rarely had to look up to the screen. I always like Vytas's videos. He's instructions are very short and sharp. Easy. I am not 1 of those people who like to be in classes where the teacher goes on and on and on and on. Vytas makes me feel like I am doing this session in a proper studio. I have close relationships with my teachers and most of them will say to me what Vytas said to James.
Great Class..
Shannon D. - -
Good workout, got me sweating a little bit. I agree that Vytas is a great instructor and he's a bit harsh at times, this is consistent with all his videos. His approach definitely needs some work however its always a good opportunity for people to build a backbone, if you're offended by him don't watch his videos. You are responsible for how you feel, not him. Will be back to this one.
Awful Teacher
Ashley P. - -
I did not feel that the class was too difficult but the teacher was very disinterested and seemed as though someone was forcing him to teach. He did not explain the poses very well and barely said any of the pose names. This class is the reason why I will not continue. for My Yoga Works. Teachers should be encouraging, not shaming.
Feel great but have some reservations
Jane H. - -
Here's the good: I feel great after this class. I learned some different ways to get in and out of poses that make some things easier and I can use in my practice. Here are my reservations: After practicing yoga for a few years I've become accustomed to teachers who actually encourage falling out of a pose rather than belittling the person who did it. I also was strangely bothered that the instructor leaned on the wall much of the time. I tell myself it shouldn't matter, but I guess it did because I'm taking the time to type this.
Good workout, but not TOO hard...
Galadriel J. - -
I am an out of shape Level 2. Just getting back into my practice. While it pushed me and was a good workout, it definitely wasn't torture. I'm not a fan of "no pain, no gain" and this was def not past my edge. Will do again.
Lyndsey H. - -
Toughest video I have seen for level 2, but condescending, rather than humor. Definitely power yoga, surprised about no chavasana. Lyndsey
So Fun, Thank you Vytas
gillian d. - -
Terrific class, very sweaty but doable. Vytas is like a tough but caring big brother, and very obviously knows his stuff. Great sense of humor. A fun class that I keep coming back to.
Yes, it's power alright!
Vicente J. - -
Focus and persistence needed. Feels good to complete it until the end. Not easy but so worth it!
Awesome class!
Riza M. - -
Very challenging.. I thought I won't be able to finish it 😄 Great sequence. Simple but definitely not easy.
Great class
Kelly H. - -
Vytas is my favorite instructor
Julie C. - -
Mahalo. Wonderful.
Good solid "in studio feeling" class.
Greg C. - -
Vytas has an edgy sense of humor, which I love, and has both feet flat on the ground spiritually, which works perfectly for a "power yoga" class. His "admonishments" to James are light hearted and friendly, and should be taken in the spirit of a class that has "power" in it's name. Great class, and one of my favorite instructors. (no savasana, so it's all work and no play on this class)
Poor James :(
Amalia S. - -
Love this class but I always feel bad for James. It's not your fault; you did well!
Amy B. - -
I liked the sequences and it was a good class, but I did not like the instructors style. He was condescending at times and shamed one of the students in the video because he fell out of a pose. This is yoga, not bootcamp.
Ray C. - -
Excellent class! A hard, solid class that did not get beyond my abilities. Good cues and balance of instruction with quiet pauses.
Kelly S. - -
Really great practice! Simple movements with lots of strength, heat and great queuing.
Michelle H. - -
Love these!!! Thanks so much!!!!!
Jen A. - -
Awesome class with just the right amount of instruction! PERFECT! Thank you!
Trudi C. - -
Yeah, I finally did crow pose!! Thank You Vytas!!
Trudi C. - -
Yeah, I finally did crow pose!! Thank You Vytas!!
Solid class
Michelle R. - -
This is my kind of practice, simple, strong and sweaty. I get so much more out of these sequences then the more contortionist, acrobatic fancy work. Love it and love Vytas!!!
Awesome class
Anne M. - -
Challenging class with no fluff. Liked this instructor a lot
Ryan C. - -
I enjoy this class very much and have seen great results from doing it three times a week.
Great Power Yoga Class
Jennifer P. - -
Absolutely loved this class. Simple, clear direct instructions and I liked the instructors style. No-nonsense and I felt as if I was doing his personal practice. Will include this in my repertoire. More like this please.
Kerri S. - -
Just the right mix of challenging poses and breathing with some flow- really enjoyed it. Not sure what to think about the instructor's style, but he did articulate the steps well.
Cathy H. - -
Love the concept and the work itself, but the gruff nonchalance of the instructor is distracting. Leaning on the wall, correcting postures on someone else's body with his feet... I think he's articulating all the right principles, but he seems defensive.
Joni O. - -
I really didn't like this practice. Too many repeats on chair and crescent. Not enough stretching.
Great Level 2 Power Flow
Lindsay B. - -
I've been doing yoga for nearly 3 years, have been at a level 2 for a while. This one is great, in that it covers a lot of ground in 60 mins - core, arm balances, standing poses, quick flow... I'll definitely be revisiting this one often.
Annie L. - -
Powerful and challenging. Perfect level 2 class. Love it!