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Yulice K. - -
I also have trouble also. I cannot open the video
Trouble accessing: error message
Karen D. - -
I also have trouble with this video, I often have to log out and log back in to play the video
Diane S. - -
Just a heads up to the IT team: not sure if other users are experiencing this, but when I access this class (and some others) from the 'Journey' page, I can't actually click on the video because after it "unfolds" from the top when I click on the class, it then immediately "folds" back in due to some bug. So I have to search for it in the search bar and access it that way. Not a big deal but worth mentioning.
Rachel F. - -
This has been happening to me too- I have to refresh a bunch and then after trying like 5 times it finally works
Vytas is my favorite instructor!
Brenda M. - -
Love how much of a work out I get.
Awesome Class!
Kimberly S. - -
This class actually made me work up a sweat! Great class. I will be doing the next class in the series :)
good start
I'm excited to see how this will progress. :)
Power Yoga Series
Angelika S. - -
Absolutely great. It's building strength and stamina!
Roma B. - -
how do i do the next one in series?
Does The Job
Chelsea M. - -
While I agree with Rosemary & certain comments probably weren’t necessary, this class is an effective way to break a sweat in 20 min. I found listening to Vytas’ voice to be particularly calming - watching not necessary!
Michele H. - -
So gooOOooood! I love this. Looking forward to the next one.
Good Class
Shannon E. - -
I am a yoga instructor and typically like more advanced classes, but I feel that it is good for anyone's practice to go back to the basics on occasion. My boyfriend also does yoga a couple times a month with me and is newer to the practice. He sometimes feel instructors make it hard for newbies to follow along, but he did not feel that way about this class!
Rosemary S. - -
I couldn't even finish his first class. comments like, show the 'kids' how to do it with the knees down at home and "this is not flower yoga" are just ridiculous. Yoga is supposed to be non-judgmental, at least from the classes I take in person.
Kaely G. - -
I agree!
Christy H. - -
Agree +1
Molly M. - -
Sweating after only 20 minutes - good quick asana practice
Basics Plus
Madeleine O. - -
This class is nice and simple (and a bit boring). I'd recommend it for beginners looking to build strength in foundational postures or for someone looking for a flow that isn't complicated. There are a few vinyasa, but no real transitions from asana to asana - definitely rank this class a 1.5 instead of a 2.
Great class!!
Amanda J. - -
Great cues and sufficient space between cues to permit easier listening to listen to my body.
...not a flower yoga!
Roland F. - -
This is power yoga, not flower yoga. Boom! I like this session. Will do the 30 minutes tomorrow.
Eva C. - -
This is great for when you don't have a lot of time. Thank You!!
Paul S. - -
This was a great way to start my morning! I also really like your calm and simple yet confident and encouraging way of speaking. Thanks!
I Agree
Susan H. - -
Great workout and will definitely be on my list on a regular basis; left me feeling good good good and ready for the day!
This IS yoga!
Andrew S. - -
One of my favourite MyYogaWorks classes/series! A great solid workout, even if you’re pressed for time - highly recommend!
Love Love Love
Malissa S. - -
This is my first video on MyYogaWorks. Very good instructor, pleasant voice. I feel great. Looking forward to more yoga with this instructor. Thank you.
Nice job!
Bobbi K. - -
Love the series!
favorite series
Sharon S. - -
This is one of the first videos I did on MyYogaWorks a while back and this series is easily one of my favorites. I've tried a couple of the next videos in the series but when I don't have enough time, I still really enjoy this one. It's an energizing 20 minutes that allows me to focus on my breath instead of lots of fast movements.
Laura K. - -
just did the first power yoga video.. i love it and i feel so strong! i can't wait to see what my body has left for me.
Great Workout!
Cheryl S. - -
This was a great, short workout -- perfect if you don't have a lot of time, but want a routine that hits all the major areas -- core, arms, back, some flow. Not much of a warm up in the beginning or cool down afterward, which is fine with me, because I just wanted to get to the workout.
Jeannine C. - -
liked it
New you?
Rachel P. - -
I can see the appeal of this workout, but I do not believe that it is apprpriate for day 4 of the beginner, new you challenge. I'm a true beginner and this routine was very overwhelming.
Lau M. - -
Day 4 of 14: Thank you I'm here!
Christine N. - -
This was an excellent 20 minute class to get the blood flowing!
Great Routine
Carolyn B. - -
This is a great routine. Really good instructor. One of my very favorite classes.
LOVE this!
Cheryl H. - -
Forgot how much I enjoyed true power yoga. Great instruction, well timed too so I didn't feel like I was rushing between poses. Looking forward to continuing the series!!
Kim M. - -
I was looking for a short enough session that I would actually do this often. It was a perfect amount of time and a perfect amount of workout to make me feel like I accomplished gaining some strength and energy. Excellent instruction!
My favorite
Jennifer N. - -
This is by far my favorite morning routine! I look forward to working up to the longer classes but for now this is where I will stay until I feel strong enough to increase the time. Awesome workout!
that felt great!
Stacey H. - -
20 minutes felt like longer - but i feel great!
Great instruction by Vytas
Patty H. - -
Very clear instruction for a video class! Did this class first thing in the morning and feel energized and powerful to go take on the day!
this is a WORKOUT!
Michelle S. - -
Vitas doesn't play--he has you jump right in! Lots of strength poses. Not a gentle/meditative workout--you will sweat!
Laura J. - -
Great class! Accessible and well paced while providing a solid workout. Looking forward to trying the rest of the power yoga series!
Aaaah !! Feeling great...
Kai B. - -
This felt great at 5AM. I tried it a while back and my belly was still too tender from inguinal hernia surgery. Now that I'm finally all healed up, doing this class is feeling great. Gonna repeat and go up to 30 min. soon. Thank you, Vytas
Short but strong
Sonia G. - -
This is a good class for when you would like a solid workout but don't have much time.
I did it!!
Terry H. - -
The best 20 minutes I've had this morning! Great beginner power workout! I'm looking forward to more!
Kevin S. - -
Loved this
Erica V. - -
Awesome 20 minutes! Full body workout!
Good use of 20 minutes
Lisa T. - -
Nice, clear instructions. Foundational but builds some heat. Was perfect for the time I had this morning to do yoga in my hotel room. Thanks Vytas.
"Power yoga, not flower yoga"
Julia C. - -
The 20 minutes flew by. I was expecting this to be more of a quicker flow-like class but the heat generation comes from holding the poses. I was dripping a few beads of sweat by the end when we were holding the forearm planks. I'd say this is closer to a Level 1.5 based on the chaturunga pushups and standing splits, but there are modifiers for true Level 1 students. I liked ending in child's pose, but be aware there isn't much of a cool down or shavasana at the end.
Day 1 Yoga Strong
Sue G. - -
I did the 10 min warm up followed by the first power yoga class and I feel strong. Looking forward to PY2 tomorrow.
Svetlana A. - -
Personally, could use core work: the forearm plank balance, somewhere at the beginning of this practice. Would feel centered and snd lighter during vinyasa and the assimetrical standing.
Alexeyeva S. - -
Great class! I love that it's 20-ish minutes. I got a really good workout in a short amount of time. Looking forward to building more strength and stability.