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Dynamic Hard Work
Yulice K. - -
I enjoy his teaching and the tone of the voice. It feels like a drill Sergent but not forceful, but encouraging one. He makes you not want to give up. Also, I love the fact that the students in the video struggled, which made me feel like it was ok for me to collapse and get back up again. I will have to stay with this class for a while before I go to his next Power Yoga series. I love love his teaching and how he points out a simple way to correct the poses. Thank you!!!!
This was really hard
Katie R. - -
But a great class for building strength. I could do the poses but couldn’t hold some of them as long as required. This is a good challenge for me and I will be back.
Rosa R. - -
He is an excellent teacher. I like his pace and the fact he does not talk much during the class. His tone of voice and prosody works well with my nervous system and helps calm it.
Favorite class
Jodi W. - -
This is my top go-to class for a great strength building workout. I love all of Vytas's classes as his instructions are spot-on, and the timing is perfect for me. Can't wait to have the time to move on to Series 4!
Winnie L
Winnie L. - -
I like Vytas's class. His cues are concise but key to point, easy to follow, the pace rightly give me time to feel my breath and chill during practice. Also, I am becoming a yoga teacher, I sometime just listen to his class to learn.
Excellent class
Lahib H. - -
Thank you
2nding Condescending Tone
Charlotte C. - -
fine sequence but I found the tone of the instructor vaguely misogynistic and condescending. Listening to a man repeatedly making sarcastic cracks about whether the class was hard and in so doing repeatedly calling grown women "girls" made me cringe throughout.
Larkin L. - -
I'm with you. I keep coming back to this series because it's a great workout and I love how long we hold the poses. But I almost want to turn the sound off so I can't hear him speak in that tone.
Lisa R. - -
YES! I had these same thoughts and immediately came looking to see if anyone else had the same reaction. The tone and the use of the word "girls" interrupted my flow and took away from his otherwise great instruction. Thank you for hearing these same things and for sharing, Charlotte and Larkin.
Linsey W. - -
I could not agree more! I find him condescending and misogynistic; I'm surprised Yogaworks has him as an instructor. There is one class where he is so rude to one of the women and then literally "corrects" one on her poses with his foot. Awful.
Meg C. - -
Enjoyed the poses but didn't like his use of "girls" all the time when referring to his students.
bruce b. - -
come on ladies - grow up. this is about yoga not being 'politically correct'
Cristina S. - -
Yet another voice to say, please stop calling your students (me included!) girls! Regarding the above comment: This is yoga AND a business, and as such the teacher should use respectful terms for the clients. Calling women "girls" is condescending. True, this is not about being politically correct, but Yoga IS about respecting one another.
ditto. I tried doing this class with my son, and even he was like, "this guy sounds so... know...the d word." Could not continue.
Lori T. - -
I don’t mind being called a girl. I am one. Also a woman a lady and a human. Relax everyone. This isn’t a soapbox here.
Maggie W. - -
It was exactly what I needed! Thank you!!!
Excellent class
Angela D. - -
Loved how challenging this class was!
Michele H. - -
I've gotten used to swearing at Vytas during these online classes. Need to be careful not to do that when I'm back at the studio :) hahahha... These are really awesome. Thank you!
Sue A. - -
This class was powerful. It built strength inside and out.
Yas! Some sweat!
Igor P. - -
I lovvvvved it!
Rocio V. - -
Clear instructions. A bit challenging but not excessive. Gives an opportunity to focus the mind.
Tom B. - -
Thanks, Vytas!
Awesome awesome awesome
Kera D. - -
The poses in this class aren’t complicated, but they require and build strength. Lots of arm work through planks and vinyasas, leg work through warriors and crescents, and core strengthening the whole way through. Vytas asks a lot of us - long holds, short breaks — but in doing so we learn what we’re capable of.
will do again!
Rafaela G. - -
I will do this class again and again and again..!
Encouragements keep the body on track
Catherine M. - -
Those encouragements send the message to my body that all that strength, steadiness, ease and power are already there. The class serves to bring them alive. Thank you Vytas and the Annas!
Helen G. - -
great class, I really love Vytas's straightfoward, non flowery or wishy washy approach though you really get the breathe awareness and meditative quality of the class but no BS.
Tami S. - -
Vytas is my go to instructor - he explains movements and poses so thoroughly, I don't need to look at the screen, I can stay focused on the pose and tune into his voice instruction. Each time I take the Power Yoga series, I feel my self strengthening, holding poses longer... so empowering and meditative! Thank you Vytas!
Vytas Rocks
Diana H. - -
His classes are awesome and if Ryan Gosling can call me 'girl' in a meme then so can Vytas. The sequence is great, his direction is straightforward and he pushes you to keep going and not give up. Keep it up, girls and guys!
Annette R. - -
Loved this class. It was very challenging but I did my best. I worked up a sweat, coaxed my muscles to do more, and feel fitter already! Yoga is a journey to awaken the mind, body and spirit. With this class today I accomplished all three!! Thanks Vytas!
Loved it!
Charlotte M. - -
I enjoyed this class. Never crossed my mind that he was being condescending in ANY way. I ,too, seek out his classes. I love his style and mannerisms. He’s a great teacher and definitely a top reason I even signed up for this program. My muscles are happily fatigued and my mind is clear to go face two toddlers now!
Great Class!!
Kristin H. - -
I loved this class. I took the series that was 30 min and loved that too. I don't agree with some of the previous comments. The term "girls" (and "boys" for the record) doesn't bother me at all. Women (and Men for boys) use the term to refer to their friends all the time. Quite frankly, I'm working too hard to be focused on how he is referring to his demonstrators anyway. I generally search for this Vytas's classes because they always challenge me to work just past my comfort zone. Great class!
Power , Power, Power
Charlene R. - -
What a great strength training class. My legs were shaking so badly at the end it kept falling out of poses. Can only get better from there though! Contrary to some of the other comments I like Vytas's tone and the fact that he calls them girls didn't offend me. I call my girlfriends my girls.
Good class but teacher needs coaching
Sarah S. - -
This was a tough and enjoyable fitness yoga class. The teacher has a bit of a low affect that some people feel comes off as arrogant or rude but I don't think that is his intention and it didn't bother me. However, it is sexist and inappropriate to refer to grown women as "girls" (numerous times) and he should be coached not to do so going forward.
Abby V. - -
Ellen E. - -
Agreed with the teacher's affect. He also looks very bored- leaning against the walls in the back- this was the first time I took this class and will not do it again.
Elisabeth B. - - (edited)
Agree! Teacher is arrogant and condescending. Otherwise, a great and challenging class.
Mindful Strength
Kiera W. - -
I really like how this sequence builds strength, endurance, and mindfulness in basic poses. As for Vytas's tone, I see it as tough love.
Great instructor, challenging sequence.
Julie F. - -
I agree with Kimberly and others who are pro-Vytas-- I'm never offended by his remarks. In fact, I love that he often makes me smirk and even laugh in the middle of challenging poses. His style works for me, it keeps me going during practice and keeps me coming back to MyYogaWorks. If his style isn't for you, pick another instructor.
Challenging Class
Kimberley H. - -
I like Vytas's approach and style. I am never offended and always challenged.
Strong sequence!
Riza M. - -
Listen to him when he says in the beginning to mentally prepare yourself for this sequence. I didn't the first time I tried this sequence and I didn't get to finish the class. Second time around I was more mindful. And it felt great to complete this class. Good stuff. 👍🏻
Loving me some Power Yoga!
ginger r. - -
As an avid work out enthusiast, I have taken on yoga as another way to strengthen my body and increase my balance and flexibility. I really appreciate Vytas's approach and style and do not find him offensive...I like his approach as a "coach" and he is one of my favorite instructors...this girl is not easily offended and was a bit confused as to all of derogatory comments...Thanks for the push and Power Yoga, this girl is a fan!
Ivette G. - -
I love all of Vytas's classes in general but his Power Yoga Series are my favorites. I also love his teaching style; his instructions are clear, direct, he is encouraging in his classes and even funny. Vytas please, don't change your teaching style just because of people that are overly sensitive. You have a big number of followers that LOVE your teaching style and your classes exactly the way they are. To the people who don't like his classes: simply find another class/instructor you like and STOP attacking the instructor's individuality.
This isn't "no no-sense" or motivating. The guy is a condescending misogynist
Marcela R. - -
I'm no stranger to power yoga, or challenging series, and even strict, amazing instructors. This person's misogyny has no direct correlation with the effectiveness of his videos; the only thing that his insulting tone accomplishes for many—as evident by the number of comments along these lines—is to make them abandon this series.
Distracting instructor tone
Jeannie B. - -
I like Power Yoga but unfortunately for me, the instructor's condescending tone and demeanor were distracting enough not to continue doing the series. I would not recommend it to other.
other choices
Kelly H. - -
if you don't like the teaching style of this instrthuctor then just choose another instructor from the endless number of classes offered by this website and stop complaining!
Maddie D. - -
well said
Re: To the people who are offended about "snarky" comments
Julie C. - -
They are females, so "girls" is an appropriate word. His comments were encouraging to keep going and to not quit. This is a yoga power workout so it's not going to be like regular yoga. that's soft-toned voices.
"Power Yoga" is not going to be about mindfulness; it's an exercise class, as the title intimates.
Greg C. - -
I love Vytas' classes, and have seen him be playfully snarky (to both men and women) in all of them. He's known as a no-nonsense, feet-on-the-ground teacher, (read: "Power Yoga") and that's what we love about him. There are other more "gentile" teaching styles out there, but I'm grateful his classes are here, and frankly would unsubscribe if they leaned that way.
Inappropriate Tone
SC - -
I agree with other comments and am suprised YogaWorks didn't edit this video. It's a shame the snarky, condescending tone ruined what could have been a great class. The boy needs to incorporate more mindfulness about his approach to teaching.
Great workout!
Annie L. - -
Great workout to complete my run. Perfect when you want it done quickly. And Vytas instructions are always clear and precise. I love the Power Yoga Series - all of them. Thank you.
Excellent Class
Cynthia R. - -
Loved that you really pushed us to get through it. You were encouraging of the models and your audience. Thank you!
Distracting comments
Jen M. - -
I agree with other "girls" on the unnecessary condescending tone of the instructor, could be his way of motivating the students, but distracting for me. Instead of focusing on my form, I was thinking about his tone. Other than that, great workout with precise instructions.
Strong, fast class!
Jenny B. - -
This was just what I needed today. A fast class that still felt really strong. I love these shorter classes Vytas does! Longer holds on this one felt great, along with the couple heart opening poses at the end. Not much of a cool down, but I usually expect that in a shorter class. Thank you for this one!!
My butt is thoroughly kicked.
Bethanie P. - -
Thanks for a great class, Vytas. I agree with the comment below that you come across as a soothing drill sergeant and I appreciate the approach. Feels more like a L3 class to me, but maybe I'm just out of shape. I plan to return to this class soon, so we'll see.
Rofia L. - -
Challenging but worth it!
Andrew S. - -
Loved this session - feeling totally energised
Joan H. - -
Challenging class but I am offended at the instructor constantly referring to the young women as girls. He treated them in a condescending and demeaning way.
Kelly S. - -
Really enjoy the power series - simple movements with lots of focus and heat. This is a simple but challenging classic yoga class, no babbling of fluffy language - thanks for making me work hard!
Good class
Jan A. - -
A good class in the sequence , moving through power sequence but really, these women aren't "girls", they seem definitely over 17 years old. Demeaning to listen to his "girls" as these women work through the poses. Let's move into the 21st century
Sara M. - -
Wonderful! Thank you!
Ana O. - -
Great class! Challenging and focused, loved it!
Turned off
Carlos C. - -
Sort of appalled by some of the words he chose to speak, and the way in which he said them. Also, what if I don't, or can't, "go lower"? Am I a bad yogi? Or is this manner common in Power yoga teachers, that I wasn't aware of?
Vytas doesnt disappoint
Lacey D. - -
This class was great without doing too many sun sals and vinyasas. Creative, challenging, and slow enough to find the alignment in my body before moving to the next pose. Usually when I think of power yoga I think of flinging myself through a class without the time to focus on breath and body awareness but this class was amazing!
Anne M. - -
I love Vytas classes - particularly power series. They are awesome and can feel myself getting stronger. Please keep them coming! Sets my whole day up. Thank you
tough level 2
Amanda M. - -
The classes that Vytas calls "Level 2" are my go-to classes on days that I am too sore to do a level 3 because they are still very challenging. I am looking forward to the 60 minute!
Vytas, the ultimate coach
Rachel H. - -
I really enjoy taking Vyta's classes. He reminds me of my high school basketball coach. Tough, motivating and challenging. His voice motivates me to keep pushing just like my old coach. This is my favorite class of his so far!
Hate to love him
Lindsey R. - -
His lengthy poses results in a more challenging class than one with rapid flow. He's tough, and I want to punch him at times, but he's the best:)
Claire L. - -
Great class. I enjoyed the sequence and the strength training. I would really appreciate if the instructor did not refer to the students as girls.
More than"slightly challenging"
Amy H. - -
Vytas, have no fear, I was more than "slightly challenged" in this slow, focused, sustained-pose class. But then, you knew that, didn't you? Always great stuff from you. Good class. Looking forward to the next level.
Kicked my butt
Lisa T. - -
Well structured class. Long holds and focus on the core made it challenging.
Tough, balanced, nice pace
Lynn C. - -
Thank you for this strenghening, balanced class. I love your soothing voice that is also like a drill sergeant. You push me to keep going but in a nice way.