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Much enjoyed
Robert B. - -
Great class David. Excellent cueing and pacing and prop suggestions.
Really nice workout
Katie R. - -
I like the combination of standing and sitting poses. I need to work on my one-legged chaturanga...
Carol M. - -
Fantastic Flow
great practice
Lorri E. - -
Thank you!
Just what I needed!
Sibilla C. - -
Wonderful class. I loved all the cues, the humor and the creativity in the sequence. Thank you!
short chavasana
Mary C. - -
Really good practice. Definitely needed more chavasana
Enrique A. - -
Good class.
Sharon V. - -
I loved this class but I would not say its a power class: it's pretty slow moving but its really good. Its all over work out with your muscles. reminds me of my 1and2 at UES with Ann on Mon and Wed which was similar and also great.
Well Rounded Class
Elaine M. - -
This class is thoughtful and intentional in the transitions and build up. It was not what I would consider "power" but I would say it is a strong class of diving into some specific areas of your body. Although I didn't sweat, I do feel the benefits of this strong class and how it opened some areas such as my hips and back.
Thorough Full Body Flow
Susan S. - -
David Kim offers you a full body flow with thoughtful insights to alignment and form.
Wonderful class
Jung F. - -
David's instructions are clear, his pace is neither too fast nor too slow, and I love that he also explains the benefits and anatomical aspects of some of the moves.
Anna T. - -
Love this flow, clear instructions!
excellent level 2 power flow
Bridget T. - -
Great class, well-rounded, feeling good! thanks david!
very grateful for this practice!
gabriel p. - -
thank you David!
Power Yoga
Prativa K. - - (edited)
Thank you for the excellent class. I am training for a half marathon and this class was a strong class after a 67 minutes of continues running in two months due to knee and ankle injuries. I had no issues with the label of power or breaking the sweat or not whatsoever . I perspired more than enough during the run at 5:18 a.m. I was grateful that I had enough time to complete my transitions safely, smoothly, and effectively. As for the other comments on being Savasana not long enough, my thought is that to stop or pause the video and lengthen it on my own one as of the practitioners mentioned. I think that it was a great class honestly speaking.
Richard K. - -
Like the others said: this isn’t power yoga.’s excellent for strength and stretching. I enjoy this teacher.
Just right for Me
Liz A. - -
Yeah it wasn't super power yoga but it was still a great well rounded class. I love David's instruction and voice. It was challenging enough for level 2 but not super fast pace.
Kristin R. - -
It was not what I expected from the title of Power Yoga, but it was a fabulous class. It was what I needed. I would have liked a bit more savansana, but I can always do that on my own if I do this class again.
Not quite power yoga.
Kris B. - -
Overall, a beautiful and well sequenced class, but I would not consider this power yoga. I felt that right when I was beginning to build and sustain heat we slammed on the brakes and the rest of the class was a bit slow. A few seconds longer in savasanah would have been nice as well.
Short Savasana
Hannah F. - -
Really enjoyed this class, but wish the savasana was at least 10 seconds longer.
Love All of David's Classes!
Linda C. - -
I love all of David's classes, but this is one of my favorites. Thanks so much for the excellent instruction and for your friendly and positive teaching style!
A bit slow.
Jason H. - -
Typically Power Yoga is vigorous and fast paced, but I found the pace of this class a bit slow, especially for level 2. Agree with other comment, could not break a sweat with this class. Not a bad class, just not power yoga.
perfect class!
Carrie L. - -
What a great balance - wonderful!
Wonderful Class
Jill T. - -
I really like David Kim as an instructor. He clearly gives instructions and I love his sequencing and calming way of explaining the poses.
Perfect balance
Alexandra P. - -
Such a great balance of strength & challenge, fluid movement, great stretches & releases. My body feels strong, open and a little shaky. Love your clear instruction and fun flow!
Great power class
Claire S. - -
Great balance between challenging and breaks. Really great instructions as well. Just wish there was a longer meditative process
Another perfect class!
Dominique R. - -
Thank you for your attention to everything. Definitely got rid of my stagnant energy as mentioned in the beginning of the class.
Great class - Love!!
Kathleen Y. - -
Just tried this class. Very balanced. Challenging but not so hard. It was perfect. David's instructions were great. Very clear and concise. I will definitely take more of his online classes when I'm not at the studio.
Power Yoga
JoAnn A. - -
Excellent feeling in my body. Ready to start a real day! Thank you.
Maria M. - -
Loved it!!!
Back at It
Claire G. - -
I'm two weeks without yoga, folks. I took this class to ease back to my yoga practice and I'm glad to say, YES! Good choice! If it was harder, I would have fizzed out, but I hung on to the very end. It has everything I needed - sweat, shaking, stretching, balancing, twisting. Just make sure to spend a little more time in savasana. Nice work, David.
stephanie m. - -
I'm a big David fan - finally got around to doing this class and loved it. Challenging but David actually makes it fun somehow. His instructions are really great and make me think about the poses differently than I have before. Thanks David!
Excellent Instructions
Maria R. - -
David facilitates this practice with clear instructions and great flow!
Power yoga
farideh e. - -
What an outstanding class to start ur Sunday . David u r so strong n yet so correct n egoless , thank u for being my teacher . Keep on shining ??????
strong flow
Linda R. - -
What an energetic way to greet the day. Thanks David Kim for the even, well paced vinyasa that got me to focus on strengthening muscle groups in a deep way.
Power yoga intro
Jessica F. - -
This is a light power yoga class great for a balanced entry into more heated and intense practices. However, The ending corpse pose ends in the blink of an eye!
Raina L. - -
This is a mild class, more for someone starting out in power yoga
just okay
Marcy R. - -
this is my first class on this site. I am not sure how anyone could break a sweat.
Fantastic class
Floriane D. - -
Great instructions, well-rounded and I love that the core work is done by holding poses rather than by doing reps.
Wonderful Well Rounded Class
Lauren B. - -
I really enjoyed the fast paced nature of this class without being rushed. It was a solid workout and I feel like I got strength and cardio.
Farlene M. - -
I could never balance when i go for classes. some how with this i could. i didn't have to rush into my pose and the calmness helped me with balancing. this was an awesome class.
like being in class
Georgina D. - -
This is a great 60 minute vinyasa -- a true level 2 that made me feel like I was in a class. The verbal adjustments ensured great alignment through a fairly demanding flow. The perfect sequence for a 60 minute class.
Loved it!
Kim F. - -
What a challenging and face paced class. I enjoyed all the balancing poses and the quickness of the pace. Thank you.
Shelley W. - -
This is an excellent, well balanced class. I enjoyed especially the cuing into some of the balancing poses. Thank you...a great way to start the day!
great practice
Patrizia M. - -
I actually broke out a sweat!. (which happens very rarely) I liked this class very much and like David's relaxed yet very detailed instructions and well thought out sequencing. I would say it's a borderline level 3 practice, although it doesn't focus on arm balances. Overall a good hour of power.
Michelle R. - -
David I think this is your best class on the site! My only critique is that savasana was only about 30 seconds long..I'd suggest pausing the video and giving yourself a couple minutes at least. Otherwise - this was the perfect blend of strengthening and stretching. I felt moderately challenged and completely balanced. Thank you!!!