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feeling it in my shoulders
Mary C. - -
This class does have a little of everything, but it has a lot of planks and side planks. I enjoyed the long holds of poses
Great class
Brian C. - -
Strong, very well sequenced flow
Simone P. - -
Overall this was a good advanced class - I got a nice sweat going and definitely felt key muscles working. If you're intermediate, you can do this class. I do think her cueing was a bit long, she definitely wants you to hold tough poses for a while. And I agree with others that when she describes how to hold a pose it can be a bit too much detail and distracting from the point which is to hold the pose.
Form focused level 2/3
Alexandra P. - -
I actually really enjoyed this class but it is not a ‘power vinyasa’ flow aka tons of vinyasas etc. I’m ok with that, and don’t need a class to be vinyasa heavy for it to qualify as a level 2 or 3. I would have liked to work more on arm balances or inversions to make it a level 3 class, but definitely challenging and one that I would do again.
Not level 3
Pascual A. - -
Easy, not powerful nor envigorating. Less talking, it is distracting
Fun and challengng
Brian C. - -
Great stuff AC
Fantastic, challenging class
Annie S. - -
Great class with perfect cueing and so-called chit chat!
Debbie H. - -
LOVED this class.
Not a flow
Caitlin O. - -
it's only difficult because of a lot of planks and holding poses for minutes at a time while she chats. If you are looking for an actual flow, this isn't it. If you did this at the proper flow pace it would be way too easy
Tina R. - -
Really worked all areas of the body.
Not a level 3
Sharon M. - -
Would love to just a have a level 3 challenging class without the chitchat. It’s the difference between online and in person, online you just want the sequence and breath and no personality.
Level 1.5
Michelle B. - -
Thank you for the class. I’ve been out of practice for over 6 months and needed it! That said, despite being out of practice, there was too much cuing and simple sequence for anything over level 1.5.
Challenging and refining!
Nina S. - -
This class is super difficult if you actually listen to all the cues and try to follow them with your body. If you're looking for a mindless, fast vinyasa, this isn't for you. I love Alex!
Very challenging
Ken M. - -
I loved this practice definitely a level 3 with the amount of strength you need within yourself to hold and fully engage in these poses..loved really getting in and holding these postures as opposed to just flying through and not being able to really feel the pose...thank you so much more of these please!!!
Not level 3
Jennifer H. - -
Very wordy lots of cues for level 3.. Standard nothing too fancy
Jill D. - -
Thank you so much! I really enjoyed that practice. It was challenging and well detailed.
Strong level 2
Annie L. - -
I consider myself "intermediate" and this was a nice strong practice. Nothing too fancy.
Great class
Dominique R. - -
Lots of arm balances in this class - nice challenge.
Anna K. - -
Cue overload! I started this video for cardio not holding poses forever and listening to talking
Bernadette P. - -
Another awesome class, Alex!
Perfect sequence, perfect flow
kat b. - -
Perfect flow class to start your Saturday . And I'm soar the next day!
Christina G. - -
Love this class. This is one of my favorites. It is intense and challenging without being intimidating. All of the poses are very doable, a brilliant flow. Good sequencing and pace.
Michelle R. - -
This is going into my favorites. I consider myself an intermediate and I love a strong practice. This one isnt so contortionist and all of the poses were very accessible to most levels. Beautiful class Alexandria!!
lightswitch over my head!
Kimberly M. - -
I have been practicing for a few decades and never was introduced to the magic of turning out a foot to easily raise it in that direction, high, to the came on over my yoga mat as i even lold ...OOHHH, so much easier! Good solid class that moves slowly enough for strength but even enough for the sweat.
never mind HAHA
catherine p. - -
It was just my computer! love this routine killer!
problme with video
catherine p. - -
not sure if its just me but the video is not downloading passed the 10th minute
Minta A. - -
well-rounded... sun salutations, externally and internally rotated standing poses, arm balances, twists, inversions, and backbends...
Yogi A. - -
I think this should be titled as a Level 2 alignment focused class
Julia T. - -
definitely a challenging but doable flow.