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great details - not level 3
Lisa C. - -
Very instructional - great tips. Just mis-labled and mis-leveled.
Too much talking
Celine C. - -
It is a great level 1 but not a level 3!!
Greatest teacher working
She is so clear and precise with her instruction. No other pilate's teacher comes close. More classes with her please.
If it's 'Level 3', can we make it for real?
Ekaterina B. - -
A boring class, been taking Pilates for some time and can't believe that 'Level 3' is about laying on the mat and breathing (I couldn't go beyond the first 6 mins or so). In these times, we need to have effective exercise regime when 45 mins is time well spent (especially if the class is advertised as Level 3).
Kinga is the Best.
Eleanor J. - -
I started taking classes with Kinga at the Hollywood location before it closed and immediately fell in love with her style. The micro-movements she leads you through are so precise and challenging to control, that if you truly focus on your positioning it'll be the best strengthening workout you've ever done. Many people have commented that the first ten minutes are slow, however if you carefully follow the instruction it'll set you up to burn for the entire practice!
Great Class - slow does not mean easy
elizabeth H. - -
I love Kinga's approach to mat pilates! I took her classes years ago in Pasadena, and I've been a fan ever since. The long holds and precise movements make the class more challenging for me, not less. The pace of the class ensures I'm really paying attention and targeting my core.
precise instruction not a level 3
Karen C. - -
This class has great instruction but too many breaks, far too many rests and not enough movement.
Kristi C. - -
This is supposed to be a Level 3 Pilates class. This teacher spends too much time explaining everything. 8 minutes in & I still laying on my mat waiting to do something. I’ve been taking reformer Pilates classes for over four years now and I was excited to see this class. I thought being a Level 3 the teacher would five right into the workout and not feel the need to explain everything. Very disappointed
Lisa J. - -
I felt the same. I couldn't stand any more than 10 minutes
Sam S. - -
I think the feedback is clear -- MORE KINGA. She is by FAR the best teacher I ever had when living in CA and attending YogaWorks. Many people commented on how strong I was looking and my abs in general -- and it was ALL from taking her class just 2x/week. Would LOVE more Kinga classes here now that I'm living in Europe! XO
Anne P. - -
really works the abs, especially those holds
Karla H. - -
Great workout!! Would love to see more of these! Kinga is the best!! Its all about slow and controlled and all the instruction is necessary to achieve that. So glad I found this workout site.
Alice W. - -
This was a class that focused a lot on precision, but I would like something more challenging with more exercises and less talking breaks. I would love to see more challenging Pilates videos!
Lauren F. - -
This is a great pilates sequence one that makes you really tap into your abs! I only wish that there were more like this one!
Margaret D. - -
Class only focuses on abs, no leg sequences. Very detailed instructions.
Jessica P. - -
I was so excited to see Kinga! I used to take her classes when I lived in California and really liked her classes. It's so important to have precise instruction especially when you are doing this at home. I felt challenged during this class and also that I had good form. Thanks!
Jacquelyn K. - -
Kinga!!! It feels just like I'm taking class with you! She gives the BEST instructions and speaks to having proper alignment throughout the entire video! This is so important! Thank you for this!
Harry A. - -
Thank you Kinga and Yogaworks! This is an excellent Pilates class with clear, precise instruction. Kinga talks you through every position and every tiny movement with the kind of instruction that ensures perfect positioning and alignment to achieve maximal results. Well done! Post more videos please!!