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Slow build, great release
Sharanya D. - -
If you're hoping to strengthen your back and ease into backbends, this is a great class. It's not really a vinyasa class, but this is a clear flow and progression.
Don't have a wall! So, ended class early :-(
Brian S. - - (edited)
I know this sounds ridiculous, but I don't have a free wall space in my home without furniture, switches, art, or a mounted TV or something where I can do wall poses. This means that I unfortunately had to quit the practice half-way through, which is pretty lousy! (well, actually, I did manage to squeeze a little 3ft area after some maneuvering. It would still be nice to know that I should do this before starting!) Please list "open wall" as a prop! Otherwise, great class. Definitely opened up my quads!
Yvonne H. - -
Sloooooooooooooow but good clear instruction. I stuck with it and completed full class; however, I felt like I could/needed to take another full class afterwards. So fine for warm up but just not a solid full workout for me.
Just What I Needed
Carla I. - -
Thank you Anne - my Urdhva Dhanurasana felt so good and open even if we didn't work arm flexion all that much! Was a great sun-salutation-less class.
More Anne Van
Jannice S. - -
I love the alignment instructions! So clear and easy to follow! Thank You 🙏
Love this class
Laura S. - -
Love the instruction. Love the sequencing and preparation for the later poses.
Slow Methodical
Lisa M. - -
Slow, methodical, technical. Good stretching, and positioning information.
grazia p. - -
Loved it! Slow and steady this sequence allows the body to open in a safe gradual way.
Very Deliberate
Sydni A. - - (edited)
Gradually paced, deliberate alignment, nice practice. I don't think I'll do it again, though, just because I might get frustrated with so much detail in alignment before certain poses a second time through.