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Too Fast for Beginner
Sherry D. - -
Wish this would slow down. As a beginner I would appreciate slower and more detailed instructions. Perhaps I would suggesting that those less flexible or newer to yoga watch this a few times.
Powerful set
Shaila M. - -
Appreciate your concise and pleasant directional voice! Easy to follow along. Not a easy peasy sequence ... definitely helpful for detox.
Thank you so much for allowing everyone access for free
Sandy L. - -
I just wanted to say how brilliant I believe it is for you to be allowing everyone access to YogaWorks online for free right now. For client retention it is very smart and I am deeply grateful as an annual member with renewal coming up. Thanks so very much I would really love to hear back from you my email is That you have read this and it's not going into a dark hole.
Easy, Accessible, Powerful
Lindsay C. - -
This short, sweet, and simple practice pays off far more than one would think, imparting a sense of stretch, cleansing, and relaxation all in one. On that note, the detox factor works on the body, mind, and emotions simultaneously. Accurately conveyed physical directions provide a map into the body which activates the deeper tones of heart, spirit, and mental clarity. And all in under 20 minutes. I heartily recommend!
Perfect for twists
Rachael K. - -
Twists are fantastic to work out the kinks of a night's sleep. This practice was perfect for that.
Super way to re-engage with my mat
Alexis H. - -
I've been away from my mat for weeks... this was a great way to restart. Thank you!
So Relaxing love this class .
Sonia S. - -
Great instructor .
So relaxed
Jessica J. - -
Thank you.
too fast with instructions
Karineh M. - -
I had to rewind a few places to hear again the instructions. the instructor was going to fast for me to.
works as promised!
Alexis H. - -
I came to my mat tonight feeling tired and I'm leaving it feeling relaxed and refreshed. Thank you for this gentle nudge into a focused calm state.
Thank you!
Susan B. - -
Exactly what I needed today!
Kailen S. - -
This is a great series. Unfortunately, I'm noticing the sound going in and out of the Day 1 video so it's difficult to keep the volume at a good level (especially with a child napping!). I do love how gentle it is, but feels very good for my body.
Energizing Yet Gentle!
Diane C. - -
So grateful!! Big fan of Melanie. Appreciate all the choices she offers in her list of classes. Every class of her's a try gets a heart and added to my playlist.
Perfect for travel!
Karen H. - -
Oh my gosh, I was having a heck of a time with travel fatigue. This got me out of that funk that happens when getting ready for a trip and then after spending a travel day. I felt like I would be losing a vacation Dayton fatigue. This gets my happy disposition back in place!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I love Yogaworks and this Melanie!
Julia F. - -
I absolutely love ALL Melanie Lora's classes. Find her instructions gentle yet strong. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really needed Detox! : )
Unwinding the body and mind
Sally H. - -
Short sequence that is highly effective. I look forward to doing this everyday. Who needs coffee when you can start your morning like this?
Love this!
Nadine A. - -
Great video thank you!!
Alexeyeva S. - -
Great class! Thank you so much! :)
Peace is mine!
Areece H. - -
This exercise was quick and easy to start as a beginner and to place in my busy schedule. each of the poses I was able to find peace through breathing. It helps to get rid of negative energy. Great video! I am glad I made an investment to doing yoga not only for my physical balance, but for my mental balance as well.
Maureen A. - -
Love these 18 minute workouts! I am enjoying this series.
I Feel Great!
Jessica M. - -
This was quick enough to fit into a super busy day, and I feel great. My boyfriend (who is the farthest from flexible) was able to go through this and is noticing improvements as well. Great video!
Easy quick and it works
Leslie K. - -
The 18 minutes is just short enough that I easily will do this. Sometimes I hesitate when its 30 minutes. This gets my body feeling great, and I love that I am twisting out stress
Mental Detox
Melissa T. - -
I really needed to rid my mind and heart of some negativity, resolved issues but still lingering. This really helped me feel the mental and physical "ick" leaving my body!
Jessie M. - -
Great practice for early mornings!
Came Back Just in Time
Michelle S. - -
Great analogies about cleaning out closets as I'm packing to move. Couldn't have come back to this one at a better time.
Amazing way to start
Michelle S. - -
This is such a great one to start the day with. Looking forward to the rest of the series.